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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note8 receive Advanced Messaging 2.0

For years, AT&T has been trying to push its SMS successor, Advanced Messages. The problem is that the standard only supports a handful of flagships and isn’t even compatible with the more universal RCS standard, let alone other carriers’ insular solutions. Still, AT&T is working to get Advanced Messaging out to more devices and has just pushed out one such update to the Samsung Galaxy Note8 as well as the S8 and S8+. Read More

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note8 receive Advanced Messaging 2.0 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Visible will give you money back for bringing your Samsung Galaxy S8 to its unlimited data service

If you’re sick of your phone service, why are you staying with it? Contracts that have you locked up can be the absolute worst part of owning a phone, especially when you did the research and still got burned. Well, if you are one of thousands of phone users who switch their plans each year, why not try something a little more user-friendly? Sounds good right? But if you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy S8, you’re even more in luck than you thought.

With the latest promo from Visible, their amazing service is now compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you’re looking to switch to Visible and own a Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ll get $100 back when you sign [...]

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This Samsung Galaxy S8 is discounted by a whopping $200 at Best Buy

If you’re one of those budget-conscious people, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an ideal choice for you. Get one today for only $300 instead of $500, and save $200 at Best Buy

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That Samsung Android 10 update list that drops the Galaxy S8 isn’t real

Samsung is working hard on its Android 10 update, and it seems like it’s going to roll out sooner than ever before. However, there’s an update list for Samsung’s Android 10 update floating around the internet this week, and we hate to tell you, but it’s not real.


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