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A web browser you forgot existed might soon be faster than Chrome

Mozilla has dramatically changed the look and feel of its browser since the introduction of Firefox Quantum two years ago now — a release that prefaced the arrival of other new features that promote privacy and speed, like an extension that makes it harder for Facebook to track you. And now today, Mozilla is touting a new Firefox browser update that comes with a big speed boost to try and give Google Chrome a run for its money.

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Microsoft’s new Edge browser might get me to dump Chrome for the first time in a decade

Like millions of others, I abandoned Firefox and Safari in favor of Google’s Chrome browser at the end of the last decade, and despite a rocky start in terms of performance, the ease of use and sleek design were too much for other browsers to overcome. I continued to test new browsers as they arrived and old browsers as they received significant updates, but nothing could ever match Chrome, and so I now have it installed on every device I own.

At this point, I’m so tethered to the ecosystem that it’s hard for me to even imagine what a browser would need to do in order to tear me away from the most popular browser on the planet. And that’s why I’m [...]

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Speed up Chrome with these simple tips

These five tips will make Chrome as fast as it can be. Zoom zoom!

One thing even a basic entry-level Chromebook can do faster than any other computer is surfing the web with the Chrome browser. It makes sense — a Chromebook is designed to run the browser, which is a core part of Chrome OS. It had better be fast.

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Google Warns Everyone: Update Your Browser Now

Google Chrome is one of our beloved app that we cherish and use on daily basis. It works amazingly on desktop, smartphones and tablets. The company has been improving the browser since it got launched, adding new features and updates. That’s why it gets the traction it has nowadays.

As online users, we cherish security and comfort more than anything. We’d like to surf the web and download whatever we want, but still keep our information secure. Sometimes, it can be a hassle to keep up with all tech news and updates. That’s why we try to provide you with the most relevant and important information.

Speaking of which, Google released an official announcement just [...]

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