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Sketchy businesses are hijacking legitimate Google Maps listings to fool you

A sketchy practice is becoming more commonplace on Google Maps involving companies hijacking legitimate business listings in order to make you think that you’re contacting the actual business. The Wall Street Journal brought this practice to light in a new report, and the paper estimates there are about 11 million “falsely listed businesses” on any given day on Google Maps.

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Google Maps Safety Feature Can Alert You If Taxi Driver Goes Off Route and Get Paid More

Google adds a new maps feature which might make taxis and rideshare trips safer. XDA developers were the first who noticed the new feature appearing on their Google maps app.

This new stay safer mode gives you an alert on your phone if the driver of your taxi or rideshare vehicle strays more than a third of the mile off route. This could prevent passengers from being taken somewhere other than their chosen destination. It could also stop riders from being tricked into longer trips and paying higher fares.

In addition to receiving alerts, XDA developers say the safeguard also allows you to share live progress of your journey with friends. Clicking on the new “Stay Safer” [...]

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Google Assistant can automatically remember where you’ve parked for you

I’m the kind of guy that likes to rely on technology to get things done, especially if it can do a better job than me. When I park somewhere, I usually don’t bother trying to remember my way back, but instead, memorize what venues are around to get there using Maps. Of course, being the forgetful person that I am, there are times when I simply can’t recall where I left my car, but thankfully, I can use its app to navigate back to it. Read More

Google Assistant can automatically remember where you’ve parked for you was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Waze just inherited one of the best features of Google Maps

Over the past few years, Google has been adding a ton of features to Google Maps that make its other navigation app, Waze, so popular. But that doesn’t mean Waze is getting overlooked, as the company just announced a brand new feature for Waze, one that could further improve your navigation experience: Google Assistant.

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