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$14 accessory lets you connect to your Wi-Fi network with just a tap, no password needed

Can you imagine how unsafe it would be to use your home Wi-Fi network without a password? On the other hand, can you imagine how convenient it would be? Well guess what: there’s a nifty little $14 gadget on Amazon that gives you all the security of password protection with none of the hassle of actually having to type out that 25-character password to connect to your network. It’s called the Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router and Range Extender, and it lets you connect your devices securely with just a quick tap. That way no one outside your home can connect, but people inside can access the internet in seconds.

Check out some more info from the Amazon page:

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Today, we have an extremely informative article about your router password that everybody including iOS and Android users alike should read and understand. In fact, if you bought a router recently or even within the past 10 years, you should read this article.  Please don’t take this warning from FBI lightly.

When routers come out of manufacturing factories in Mexico, Asia or United States they are often updated with a default firmware that the manufacture has set up a long time ago.  Router software is updated from time to time, but the default username and password stay the same for most part.

Most if not all manufactures set up the initial firmware using a [...]

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People hate their internet service providers more than ever

At this point, the fact that everyone hates whichever company pipes internet into their homes is a bad joke. We’ve come to expect terrible customer service, inconsistent coverage and confusingly expensive billing — it’s just part of the dream of American home ownership. So really, you should be impressed that ISPs can continue to surprise us with their awfulness.

According to the latest edition of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), a survey that polls 250,000 consumers on the quality of products and services available to households, that’s exactly what’s happening. ISPs rank the lowest among all telecoms companies for consumer [...]

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All you need to add gigabit Ethernet to your home is 2 minutes and $50

If you want to install lightning-fast Ethernet in your home, you have two options. First, you can pay a contractor hundreds or even more than $1,000 to run Cat6 cable and install Ethernet ports. Or if you’d rather save your money, you can pick up a D-Link GigaBit PowerLine Internet Adapter Kit on Amazon for $50. Simply plug one box into an open power outlet next to your router, then plug the other box into a power outlet near your computer or anything else you want to connect to Ethernet. Voila, you’ve got gigabit Ethernet, and all the data runs over the power lines that are already wired in your home! Have more than one device you want to connect to Ethernet? Just buy additional [...]

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