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Samsung’s Instagram Stories camera mode is bad and it should feel bad

This could be amazing, but instead, it’s aggressively mediocre.

Samsung announced back with the Galaxy S10 that it had integrated an Instagram Stories shooting mode into the phone’s camera app. You can toggle over with a swipe and shoot straight to Instagram Stories, including video. I, like most, scoffed at the idea. I can just open the Instagram app to use all of the capabilities of Stories, or take photos in the camera and share them to my feed, so why would I bother with a separate Instagram mode in the camera itself?

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Facebook to Rebrand Instagram and WhatsApp to ‘Be Clearer About the Products and Services That Are Part of Facebook

Facebook has announced that it will rebrand the Instagram and WhatsApp apps and services to make it more clear that they are owned by the social network.

In a statement to CNET, Facebook says that it wants “to be clearer” about which products and services are part of Facebook. “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” Bertie Thomson, a Facebook spokeswoman, said in a statement Friday.

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Instagram’s new anti-bullying tools remind commenters not to be dicks

As with many things in life, bullying is a two-way street. To prevent it from taking place, the bully should be able to be prevented from harming someone else and the bullied should be empowered to take action and represent themselves without fear of repercussions. Instagram, which can be a hotbed for interpersonal conflict, has been ramping up anti-bullying measures in recent months and has just brought in two new tools to let bullies rethink what they want to say and to let the bullied manage their counterpart’s presence on their posts. Read More

Instagram’s new anti-bullying tools remind commenters not to be dicks was written by the awesome team at Android [...]

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Instagram will make it easier to recover your password if your account is ever hacked

Whether they’re attempting to steal your Instagram account to sell it back to you for Bitcoin, or whether they have different plans with it, hackers are more and more interested in gaining access to Instagram properties. A process of recovering access to a hacked account does exist but doesn’t always work, so Instagram has announced several extra security measures to help you get it back even when the hackers also control your email.

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