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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra almost makes me want to ditch my iPhone 11

When the iPhone and Android were still young mobile platforms in the early stages of their respective development, there were tons of dramatic differences between them. Apple’s iOS platform was simple and sleek, offering users everything they need without overcomplicating any core functionality. Android, on the other hand, was open and versatile. Sure you could just pick up an Android phone and start using it as-is, but a big part of the draw for tech-savvy smartphone shoppers was how dramatically a person could change practically any part of the user experience.

These days, the two platforms are far more in line than they were back then. Android is still open source and [...]

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Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11: Which should you pick? [Video]

The Pixel 4 is the best Pixel phone to date but has a few issues that make it hard to wholeheartedly recommend to everyone out there. Often the Pixel 4 gets compared directly to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro but just how does the cheapest Apple device compare to Google’s most expensive?


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11 new Pixel 4 features you won’t find on the iPhone 11

Google’s new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL flagship smartphones were announced last week, and they’ll land on store shelves this coming Thursday, October 24th. In fact, they’ll land on more store shelves here in the United States than ever before thanks to new wireless carrier deals. Pixel phones have never sold anywhere near as well as flagships from top smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung, but they’re typically fan favorites among avid Android users who recognize the many benefits of owning a Pixel phone. A pure Android experience free of vendor bloat and an incredible camera are both near the top of the list, but immediate access to new Android updates trumps [...]

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The Galaxy S11 might steal a key iPhone 11 feature and make it even better

Samsung built its smartphone empire by copying the iPhone extensively, using Apple’s hardware and software designs to dramatically improve its own lackluster Galaxy S phones. That’s not to say Samsung isn’t an innovator in its own right, but the company ha been less willing to take major risks than its biggest rival, which also happens to be a lucrative business partner when it comes to smartphone parts. On the other hand, Samsung was also the only major smartphone maker that didn’t copy the iPhone X’s notch design a couple of years ago. It didn’t even try to replicate Apple’s 3D face unlock technology, which was a first for smartphones. Few companies actually pulled it off, [...]

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