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Forget iPhone 12, it’s this leaked OnePlus phone that will crush the Pixel 5

Google’s Pixel 5 specs will be underwhelming, as Google is rumored to skip the best new processor available to Android device makers in favor of a cheaper alternative.

The mid-range Pixel will be more affordable than previous Google flagships, but OnePlus might ruin all of that.

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Forget the redesigned iPhone 12, this is the most insane phone design I’ve ever seen

When it comes to upcoming smartphones with new designs Apple fans and Android fans alike have plenty to look forward to in 2020. On Apple’s side of the fence, the iPhone 12 is expected to usher in the first big iPhone redesign in three years. For that reason, the iPhone 12 might have what can be considered the most hotly-anticipated new design of the year. Will it be the most innovative or the most modern new design? Absolutely not. In fact, the top Apple insider in the world is convinced that the iPhone 12 will still have a notch at the top of the screen, which would make it one of the only flagship phone series of 2020 that still uses a large notch. Granted, practically every [...]

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Why iPhone 12 will totally steal one of the best Galaxy S20 features

The Galaxy S20 is one of the hottest phones you can buy right now, although there’s one good reason to avoid it for a couple of months. The Galaxy S20 is actually a series of three flagship devices, all sporting the same core specs, and design, with the camera system on their back featuring the biggest differences. But you only need a few minutes with the gorgeous S20 to realize it’s got the perfect size and weight, especially compared to the huge S20 Ultra, which happens to be the best of the series overall. As we’ve already witnessed, the S20 won’t be the only phone featuring the same all-screen punch-hole display this year. Nor will it be the only device with a massive camera [...]

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5 exciting Galaxy S20 features I hope Apple steals for the iPhone 12

Samsung has been stealing features and designs from Apple for nearly a decade now. Heck, Samsung literally wrote the book on how to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel. There’s no question that the South Korean tech giant has gone its own way in recent years, but that’s mainly the result of all the high-profile lawsuits Apple had to slap Samsung with. It’s a good thing, too, because Samsung’s flagship smartphones used to be shameless iPhone copycats and now they’re stunning handsets that look nothing like the iPhone. In fact, Samsung has gotten so good at smartphone designs that it has triggered a massive shift in the smartphone market. Just two short years [...]

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