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Apple launches repair program for iPhone X units with faulty displays

Though not a widespread problem by any means, some iPhone X users over the past few months have experienced issues with non-responsive and temperamental displays. In light of this, Apple today launched a new replacement program for iPhone X users who have encountered this particular touch issue.

Per an Apple support document, impacted devices tend to exhibit one or two behaviors. Specifically, impacted iPhone X units will either not respond to touch at all or will react even when not touched. Either way, it’s undoubtedly a frustrating usability issue, especially for a device that was priced in excess of $999.

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The new Nokia 7.1 is the best iPhone X clone you’re going to get for $349

The new Nokia 7.1 from HMD is a $349 mid-range smartphone that tries as hard as it can to impress, with near-flagship design and assorted other touches that range from an HDR display to a Zeiss Optics-powered camera.

Among the features, the 12 MP/5MP dual cameras promise fast and accurate autofocus and HDR photography even in low light, as well as studio-style “bokeh” shots, picture-in-picture capabilities and a mode that lets you use the front and back cameras simultaneously. In addition to “jewelry-like design” and a premium build quality, you also get PureDisplay HDR screen technology that includes high contrast, greater clarity and enhanced colors [...]

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iPhone XS vs. iPhone X: A complete list of everything new in Apple’s next-gen iPhone

After a year of leaks and rumors followed by a week of pre-orders, Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are finally here. Two-thirds of Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup hits store shelves on Friday, and Apple fans around the world are giddy with anticipation. Millions upon millions of people will take delivery of a new iPhone this weekend. In fact, Apple will sell more next-generation iPhones over the course of a single weekend than most other current smartphone models will sell over the course of their lifespan. Some analysts think iPhone sales might climb as high as they were back in 2014 when Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The iPhone XS Max certainly seems [...]

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iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 9: The speed test we’ve been waiting for

Samsung’s final flagship phone of 2018 was finally released this past Friday after months of leaks and rumors. The Galaxy Note 9 instantly became the best Android phone on the market when it hit store shelves late last week, and reports suggested consumers are finding the phone much more appealing than the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ from earlier this year. The Note 9 does look almost exactly like its predecessor, just like the S9 duo did, but it also adds significantly better battery life and a nifty new S Pen stylus with built-in Bluetooth. Preorders are said to have been much higher than they were ahead of the S9 and S9+ launch, which is good news since the Galaxy S9 duo is [...]

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