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Google Researchers Reveal How Malicious Website Exploits Have Targeted iPhone Users for Years

Researchers from Google’s Project Zero security initiative on Thursday announced their discovery of a “small collection” of hacked websites that for many years have hosted exploits targeting iPhone models, including the iPhone X, running the latest version of iOS 12.

Google says its Threat Analysis Group (TAG) uncovered the websites earlier this year. It is estimated the websites receive thousands of visitors per year.

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Law Firm Jumps Quickly on Reports of High RF Emissions From iPhones

A report by The Chicago Tribune on Wednesday claiming some of Apple’s iPhones were emitting radiofrequency radiation beyond federal safety limits has already triggered an “investigation” by a Chicago-based law firm.

The Tribune tested 11 models from four companies, with varying results. This included three more brand-new iPhone 7s at full power. The Tribune says radiofrequency radiation exposure from the iPhone 7 measured over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing.

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After all these years, iPhone owners are still more loyal to the brand than Android users

Over the past few years, one of the hallmarks of Apple’s strategy to boost iPhone sales has been to actively convince Android users to make the switch over to iOS. All told, it’s been a solid strategy given that iPhone owners, historically speaking, have tended to be more loyal to Apple than Android owners are to whatever brand of smartphone they happen to be using.

That said, the dynamics that govern the smartphone market are always changing. Rules of thumb that may have applied 5 years ago, for example, may be completely different today. As a prime example, the notion that iPhone users upgrade their devices en masse every two years has been completely turned on [...]

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3.5 Galaxy Note 10 features I’m jealous of, as an iPhone user

The Galaxy Note 10 series is finally official, and all the leaks that preceded Samsung’s press conference turned out to be true. Samsung launched two worthy successors of the Note 9 (but also the Galaxy S10) that pack quite a few exciting new features. In many ways, however, the Note 10 is a lot like other high-end Android phones, especially when it comes to the overall design, the main specs, and the cameras. But as an iPhone user who is unlikely to leave the iOS-macOS ecosystem anytime soon, I’m absolutely jealous of 3.5 Note 10 features that I can’t have on the iPhone for the time being. That’s three-and-a-half, not a jab at the fact that Samsung ditched [...]

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