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Facebook is testing a map view for its Nearby Friends feature

It’s easy to forget lately, but Facebook was built around the concept of staying connected to your real-life friends and family. Some features still help you do that. For example, Nearby Friends, which lets you know approximately where friends in your general area are. Now, Facebook is working on a logical extension of that idea: a map that plots the rough locations of friends in your area.

This information comes to us by way of prolific Facebook feature leaker Jane Manchun Wong. Read More

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Find Out the Most Accurate Weather Service for Your Exact Location

We all rely on our phones for weather service nowadays more than the guy on TV. There’s a ton of apps out there detailing how sunny or gloomy your day will be, and whether it’s going to rain or not. It’s easy and convenient to find a weather app that works. However, to get accurate weather information for your exact location is a pain in the butt!

It’s always advised to depend on reliable sources when it comes to weather forecasting. Having too many apps and options on the market is a bit confusing, we know. This is why we compiled a list with the most trusted and accurate service providers. Here are the best ways you can check the weather for your exact location:

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Google’s making it easier for 911 to find your location in an emergency

The service is available for Android phones running 4.0 or later.

While nobody wants to make them, it’s important that emergency calls are fast and accurate in a time of need. Google launched its Emergency Location Service (ELS) back in 2016 as a way to make these calls as effective as possible, and thanks to the help of a few brands in the U.S., ELS is now making its way to the States.

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How does GPS work on my phone?

Before Space Force, there was NAVSTAR.

One of the coolest features of a modern smartphone is the way it can determine where you are while you’re there. This has some downsides — horrible location-based ads or tracking your movements come to mind — but being able to see where you are, where you need to be, and exactly how to get there is awesome. Your smartphone is also your TomTom.

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