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iOS and Android Apps Sending Personally Identifiable Location Data to Up to 40 Different Companies

A New York Times feature on Monday offers some unsettling information about the location data being captured, shared, and stored by some iOS and Android apps. 

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Google facing legal action in Europe as well as the US for tracking phone locations

Google is facing legal action in Europe as well as the US for allegedly tracking the locations of phones without the full consent of their owners …


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Google Maps Helps Track Accidents, Speed Traps, Share Trip Progress and More!

Google Maps have improved drastically over the years, it can now track accidents or speed traps. You can now do so much more than just checking the directions using Google Maps. We’re always on the move, and having a good geographical sense is something useful to acquire.

Google now makes you do so much using its maps. You might be on the road driving somewhere, just to find an accident blocking your way. You can easily report that on Google Maps for the next driver to avoid it. You can also share your live location with friends to assist you, or even let them know where you’re at.

There are so many ways to benefit from Google Maps nowadays, depending on the situation. [...]

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Google’s Find My Device can now map out exactly where you left your phone inside some buildings

Find My Device is a lifesaver feature for the absentminded among us. Even if you’ve just left your phone in the couch cushions, you can use the feature to ring it. Now, the service has picked up a new feature that can help in more dire circumstances: it can now show where your phone is on an indoor map of some large buildings, like malls and airports.

Google’s been messing around with indoor maps for years; you can check the layout of many department stores and other large indoor spaces in Google Maps. Read More

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