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5 Critical Settings to Avoid Your Phone from Being Tracked

If you’ve seen all these hackers in movies finding everything about a person with several clicks on a keyboard and assumed it was unrealistic, well think again! Now don’t quote me on several clicks but these 5 critical settings are much simpler than you think.

It’s the hidden truth in today’s day and age, it seems inevitable that our lives are being entirely tracked down by the social media apps that we have not authorized to use any of that information. Or have we ? from targeted advertising, the miraculous things you like on Facebook reappearing on your Instagram explore page we have a lot to link our social media profiles to our existence as a living [...]

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Google Maps will use your camera to determine your location more accurately

Have you ever come out of the subway running late for a meeting with no clue which way you’re supposed to go? Sure, Maps will tell you how to get to your appointment, but only if it’s aware of where you are and what direction you’re facing. Sometimes it “thinks” it knows these, even though the data it’s being fed is inaccurate. You’re then in for some impromptu outdoor trivia: Try to figure out which path to follow by checking if the blue dot is moving in the same direction you’re supposed to. Read More

Google Maps will use your camera to determine your location more accurately was written by the awesome team at Android [...]

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Background location access for third-party apps might return in Android Q

In recent years, Google has taken steps to stop third-party applications in the background from finding your location. Once an app is closed, live location data may be heavily throttled or stopped entirely. While this may seem like a win for user privacy and battery life, there are plenty of apps that don’t use background location data for harmful purposes (like Cerberus or various health tools). According to XDA Developers, Android Q might introduce a new permission that brings back full background location access. Read More

Background location access for third-party apps might return in Android Q was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Sprint and T-Mobile will no longer sell real-time location data to third-parties

In the wake of a bombshell report detailing how carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile sell real-time location data of subscribers to third-parties, both of the aforementioned carriers have since come out and said that they will stop the practice immediately. While it’s long been known that carriers sell location data to certain third-parties for ostensibly reasonable purposes, the practice has become problematic because the data ultimately winds up in the wrong hands.

As an illustrative example, Joseph Cox of Motherboard managed to track down the real-time location of his friend (who was a willing participant in the experiment) for just $300. The report naturally caused [...]

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