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Microsoft Edge for Android now has a dark mode

With its Edge browser, Microsoft wanted to start with a clean slate and make people forget about Internet Explorer. In its race to popularity, the company has understood one of the most requested features is dark mode, which is why it just updated its mobile app with one.

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Microsoft’s new Edge browser might get me to dump Chrome for the first time in a decade

Like millions of others, I abandoned Firefox and Safari in favor of Google’s Chrome browser at the end of the last decade, and despite a rocky start in terms of performance, the ease of use and sleek design were too much for other browsers to overcome. I continued to test new browsers as they arrived and old browsers as they received significant updates, but nothing could ever match Chrome, and so I now have it installed on every device I own.

At this point, I’m so tethered to the ecosystem that it’s hard for me to even imagine what a browser would need to do in order to tear me away from the most popular browser on the planet. And that’s why I’m [...]

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This is our first look at Microsoft’s completely redesigned Edge browser for Windows

Gone are the days when Microsoft would be accused of anti-competitive practices because of the internet browser packaged with Windows. Internet Explorer is long dead too, and Google’s Chrome is now the most popular browser in the world, one that Microsoft is ready to emulate. Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge, but the Windows 10 browser failed to really compete against Chrome. So Microsoft announced a few months ago that Edge would be rebuilt from the ground on top of the open-source Chromium project. And now we have the first images of what Microsoft’s Chrome-like Edge could look like.

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Microsoft is ditching Edge on Windows 10 for a Chrome-based browser

Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Opera, or Brave to browse the web, under the hood, it’s all really just Chrome. Chrome has become more-or-less the de facto way to render the web. Microsoft has long tried to avoid that fact by constantly working on Internet Explorer then Edge, but it seems no more. Microsoft is reportedly embracing Chrome with a new replacement browser for Windows 10.


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