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Moto P30 Is a Surprisingly Powerful Smartphone

We’ve got a new player in town Moto P30 and their coming in hard! We have talked about Motorola’s intentions before and how they’re trying to catch up with the smartphone industry. Now, we have physical proof of the company’s efforts, and boy, what a proof that is!

The press release of the smartphone shows us how it could be considered an iPhone X clone, and at the same time matches many qualities of the Xiaomi Mi 8. Some users might view this in a negative way, but let’s go over the specs ourselves and decide whether this phone is a worthy contender or not:

What Makes Moto P30 a High Quality Phone?

Motorola has offered the market what they promised, a smartphone that [...]

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Moto P30 goes live with iPhone X design, Huawei P20 paint job

The Moto P30 is the latest Android phone to copy the iPhone X design.

We’ve reached a point where Android manufacturers aren’t trying to hide the fact that their designs are blatant iPhone X copies. The Moto P30 broke cover earlier this week with a design that looked more like an iPhone X than any of Motorola’s previous devices, and the company has formally launched the phone in China.

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The Moto P30 announced in China as just the latest in a long line of iPhone X clones

Everyone wants to make an iPhone clone these days. Well, that’s not exactly new, but it’s harder to clone the iPhone X without screwing it up. That’s why you can’t turn around without seeing a poorly implemented screen notch. Motorola is the latest to take a swing at it with the P30. This phone leaked yesterday, and now it’s official in China.

The P30 is a mid-range all-glass phone with a Snapdragon 636, 6GB of RAM and 64-128GB of storage. Read More

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