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Spotify Launches New Content Filter Feature For Its Family Plan

Spotify has announced that it is launching a new content filter for its Premium Family Plan to allow parents to impose better control over what their children can listen to.

The streaming music provider has put into place long-requested parental controls that will allow parents to control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all other accounts on their plan. The filter will prevent users from playing anything in the Spotify library that is marked as explicit.

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Spotify might be raising prices soon, but don’t panic just yet

In the face of increased competition from rivals like Apple Music and others, Spotify is quietly testing the waters to see whether it can push through a price increase in some of its markets around the world. That’s according to a new report from Bloomberg, which notes that the streaming music giant is planning to experiment with a pricier version of its Premium subscription offering in Scandinavia.

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Spotify is trying to make Pandora obsolete with its new ‘Spotify Stations’ app

After an initial rollout in Australia, Spotify earlier today pushed out a new listening option for music lovers. Notably, the new option isn’t contained within the existing Spotify app but is offered up as an entirely separate app dubbed Spotify Stations.

The new app, in contrast to the existing Spotify app, doesn’t allow users to play songs on demand. Rather, it’s positioned as more of a music discovery tool. Users can create stations based on artists they enjoy or by picking specific genres. Like Pandora, and similar to the existing Radio feature in Spotify, users can thumbs-up songs they like and thumbs-down songs they aren’t into. Over time, the [...]

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Control Music in Your Car While Using Google Maps or Waze

Using your phone to control music while driving is not just a hassle, it can pose a risk on your life and others. That’s why lots of people use car-mounts, wireless headsets and wireless chargers to keep their focus on the road. These kits are also quite helpful if you rely on Google Maps while navigating to your destination.

But what if you’re trying to play some music while having Google Maps or Waze active on your phone? It can be quite tricky to get from one app to another to change the music, per say, and still have your eyes on the road.

But you don’t have to worry anymore. Here’s how you can control the music while still having your navigation app [...]

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