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OnePlus 7 leaks keep dropping as the company starts to talk about the phone

Now that the release date of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has been pushed back indefinitely, the stage has been cleared for another Android phone maker to steal the spotlight this spring. OnePlus might end up being the beneficiary, as the announcement of its next big launch event is taking place this Tuesday. In the lead-up to the announcement, OnePlus sat down with The Verge to discuss (in rather vague terms) what the OnePlus 7 family will look like.

The one part of the OnePlus 7 that CEO Pete Lau was most enthusiastic to discuss was the “super-smooth and very crisp” display. According to Lau, OnePlus spent three times as much developing this display as it has the displays on [...]

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Leak suggests the OnePlus 7 launch is less than a month away

OnePlus is expected to launch three new phones by the end of the quarter, including the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, according to recent leaks. For the first time in its brief history, the Chinese smartphone maker will debut a series of devices in the spring, if these rumors are accurate.

That’s hardly surprising considering what the competition is up to, but also because we’re finally getting 5G phones this year, and OnePlus wants to be one of the first companies on the market with a 5G device. While previous rumors claimed the new OnePlus 7 would arrive in May, we didn’t have a precise release date. But now, an insider with a solid track record is back [...]

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OnePlus 7’s rumored all-screen design looks incredible in these renders

OnePlus released its first smartphone back in 2014, and the company had a fantastic strategy at that time: release a phone that offered flagship specs and performance at half the price of a flagship phone. Since the OnePlus One launched with prices starting at $299, OnePlus smartphones have gotten far more expensive. In fact, the cheapest current-generation OnePlus 6T you can buy costs $579. But if you look more closely at that $579 phone, you’ll find that it packs a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, a flagship Snapdragon processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a dual-lens camera system on the back. A similarly equipped Galaxy S10+ costs $1,000, and the cheapest iPhone XS Max you [...]

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New leak supposedly reveals OnePlus 7 specs

The OnePlus 7 is easily one of the most anticipated handsets of the first half of the year. We’ve already seen a bunch of leaks that claim the handset will feature an all-screen design of the slider variety, and now we have a somewhat sketchy leak to show you that supposedly lists the specs of the upcoming handset.

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