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Windows 10 Bug Affecting People Working From Home

It seems like a new Windows security risk or Windows bug is discovered every day. A new Windows 10 bug is preventing Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other apps from connecting to the Internet. The Windows 10 connectivity bug couldn’t come at a worse time. It has probably brought a lot of inconvenience for the millions of employed individuals worldwide working remotely amid the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

A majority of these workers are running on Windows 10 PCs and remotely accessing work resources via a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Millions will be relying on Microsoft’s productivity apps such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Internet [...]

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How to properly clean and disinfect your computer monitor or laptop screen

Computer monitors pick up dirt and grime just like everything else, and this is particularly true for laptop screens. Unlike other gadgets, you can’t just use disinfectant wipes to clean down a monitor or laptop screen. More often than not, these screens have a protective layer of film that will wear away if you use harsh chemicals. Now that a lot of us are working from home and are worried more about cleanliness, here’s how you can safely clean your computer monitor or laptop screen.

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Fix Slow Wi-Fi At Home Settings For Your Router, Computer And Smartphone

Wi-Fi has become essential to us like electricity. During this time when everyone is working at home to evade the coronavirus, it’s easy to feel depressed, isolated or overwhelmed without access to the internet.

A stable Wi-Fi signal is undoubtedly a vital necessity when you’re working from home. It’s very annoying when you’re in the middle of an important video call and your router glitches out.

There are many things that can influence the Wi-Fi to stop working. You’d be surprised that most of these Wi-Fi problems can easily be fixed without the help of a Wi-Fi technician. Believe it or not, with just a few tips, you can fix it yourself. [...]

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Samsung Galaxy phones can now wirelessly transfer files to a Windows 10 PC

You will have to open the Your Phone app on your PC before dragging files to and from a Samsung device.

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