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10 of the best PC game deals from Steam’s 2019 Autumn Sale

We’ve covered dozens of great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals over the past few weeks, but if you have been waiting for discounts on digital PC games, this is your time. On November 26th, Steam kicked off its annual Autumn Sale, and there are a ton of games on sale from now through Monday, December 2nd.

According to the Steam blog, there are thousands of games on sale for the next few days from virtually every genre, which is quite a lot to sort through. Lucky for you, we’ve spent some time cycling through the Steam front page to find ten of the best deals on offer this week, including titles from the Gears of War, Rainbow Six, and Resident Evil series. If [...]

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Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard

Computer users are divided into two groups; those who prefer to use their mouse, and those who prefer hotkeys. Experts found that you can lose about 64 hours a year just by clicking on things. If you want to boost your productivity, here are 10 secret keyboard combinations that would make your life easier:

10. Create a New Folder

You can always do it the good, old-fashioned way by right-clicking your mouse and going down to “Create a Folder” option. Why waste time when you can do the same with literally one command.

Just press “Ctrl” plus “Shift” plus “N” while on your desktop or in an explorer window. Your new folder will instantly pop up ready to be named.

9. [...]
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Add fingerprint unlock to any Windows computer with this $23 device

Do you wish that your Windows laptop or even your desktop had biometric fingerprint security like Apple’s fancy MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Guess what: it can, and you won’t even need to overpay for a silly Touch Bar in order to get it. The Benss USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 is a tiny little fingerprint reader slapped onto the back of a USB plug. It works with Windows 10 Hello, allowing you to unlock any Windows laptop or desktop with your fingerprint!

USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint Scanner Fingerprint Sensor Multi Finger…: $22.99

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You’ve probably never seen anything like this Windows 10 PC that’s barely bigger than a thumb drive

What if the monitor in your office, the TV in your living room, and the display in your basement were all PCs? Better yet, what if they were all the same PC, give you instant access to all of your apps and files without the need to sync to some risky cloud service? With the Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, pretty much any screen you come across can instantly become your personal computer. Just plug it into any open HDMI port and you’re done!

Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 2GB RAM+32GB: $169.99

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