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How To Turn Photos Into Spreadsheet On Excel

We’re always amazed by how many updates we get each year. One time it’s a whole new app, another time it’s an amazing improvement that differentiates between innovative developers and others. This time, Microsoft has outdone themselves and the competition with a new idea that will revolutionize data entry in general!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to enter data from a piece of paper with just one click? Well, developers at Microsoft have definitely thought of this. Not only that, they’re actually working on a new feature that will make it possible through your Android phone.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Excel for Android Users

In a recent [...]

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How to take the best photos with your Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 doesn’t have the best shot-to-shot photo quality available, but it’s a solid camera that has seemingly endless options with three rear cameras and tons of shooting modes. It’s completely capable of taking great photos just by pointing and shooting with no real thought; but to truly master this camera you’re going to need to spend some time learning about all of its advanced capabilities.

Clean your camera lenses

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Make photos into spreadsheets with the latest Excel beta on Android

Back in September, Microsoft teased an interesting new feature at its annual Ignite conference: Insert Data from Picture — a combination of OCR (optical character recognition) and AI (unicorn dust) that promises to convert pesky printed material into rows of editable Excel data (the office format of champions). Beta users of Excel for Android were supposed to get the feature “soon,” which turned out to be five months later — it’s now live, and works pretty well for a first iteration. Read More

Make photos into spreadsheets with the latest Excel beta on Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Here are our first Galaxy S10+ camera samples

A taste of things to come.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ each have three rear cameras that provide different focal lengths and opportunities for creative visual styles. The biggest change to the setup is the addition of an ultra-wide lens, which offers a 123-degree field of view for incredible landscape, creative portraits, and everything in between.

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