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Photo battle between the iPhone and the Pixel has a surprising winner

For as amazing as camera quality on the iPhone is today, the original iPhone camera was nothing to write home about. Equipped with nothing more than a fixed-focus 2-megapixel camera, the original iPhone delivered subpar pictures even compared to other devices at the time.

Apple, though, eventually started throwing a lot of money at camera development. Before long, it seemed that each successive iPhone routinely set a new bar for mobile camera quality that competitors simply couldn’t keep up with. That said, the mobile landscape is always changing and Apple now has some stiff competition when it comes to mobile photography. What’s more, there’s a strong case to be made that [...]

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How to Hide Text Messages & Photos on Your Phone

Among all the things that smartphone companies have done for us, they have also made it a lot easier for others to get a hold of our private information including our credit card info, personal photos and our passcodes. You should know that your phone contains private messages, photos that are dear to you and your information as well.

A secure lock screen passcode or other sensory locks are a great way to protect all your data, but what if they fail? We have created for you a guide that will elaborately help you to protect and secure all the important files and hide text messages and photos that you need to, on your phone. If you have an android phone such as a Samsung here is [...]

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This 195-gigapixel photo of Shanghai is so huge you can zoom in from miles away and see people’s faces

Smartphone cameras have gotten so good that we struggle to find a reason to invest in a point-and-shoot, but there are still major advancements being made in camera tech that are light years ahead of anything you can fit in your pocket. A new panorama shot by China’s Jingkun Technology (calling themselves “Big Pixel”) is a great example of that, and its size is so jaw-dropping you could spend days staring at it.

The photo, taken from high on the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, shows the surrounding landscape in stunning detail. From your virtual perch many stories above the ground, you can zoom in so far that you can read the license plates on cars and spot [...]

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Memoria is a new, gorgeous, and smooth photo gallery app

Serendipitous is the word I would say to describe this post. I was busy researching the story about QuickPic’s disappearance from the Play Store when I noticed an email in our inbox from the developer of Memoria, a new photo gallery app. His timing was perfect. It looks like many of you are searching for a QuickPic alternative and, while I still recommend Camera Roll for its speed and efficiency, I think Memoria has many tricks up its sleeve that make it worth a try if you want a more powerful gallery app. Read More

Memoria is a new, gorgeous, and smooth photo gallery app was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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