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India bans nearly 60 apps developed in China including TikTok, WeChat

In a press release today, a huge ban was announced on dozens of major apps — including the massively popular TikTok social network — that originate in China amid a bigger feud between India and China.


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Protect your personal photos and files on your Samsung Galaxy phone

You don’t have to be a spy or journalist to have photos, files, and other content on your phone that you’d rather others not see or have access to. Thankfully, Samsung has a feature on its Galaxy phones called secure folders, where you can hide those embarrassing photos or those important work documents without fear that friends, family, or others will stumble across them. We’ll show you where to find this feature and how to use it in the steps below.

How to enable and use secure folders on your Samsung Galaxy phone

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Make sure that no one can compel you to open your Samsung Galaxy phone

Biometrics provide an excellent way to secure our phones and access them quickly, but there are times when that convenience can be a double-edged sword. The same fingerprint that allows you to access your device easily could be used against your will by authorities or ne’er-do-wells to look at your private information should you become compelled to open your phone, or even worse, should you become incapacitated. If you want to make sure that your physical attributes can’t be used against you on your device, it’s time you learned about Lockdown Mode.

Why should you activate Lockdown Mode?

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Over 70 malicious Chrome add-ons w/ 32 million downloads removed from Chrome Web Store

Google has removed over 70 add-ons from the Web Store for the Chrome web browser after reports of malicious activity.


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