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Twitter accidentally made private accounts public for some Android users

This issue spans all the way back to November 3, 2014.

If you want to protect yourself from the rampant toxicity often found on Twitter, one way to do this is by making your account private through a feature called “Protect my Tweets.” It does things like only showing your tweets to approved followers, makes people send a request to follow you, and more. Unfortunately, if you use the Twitter Android app and had this turned on, there’s a chance it may have been disabled without you knowing it.

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PSA: 773M email addresses and 21M passwords exposed by hackers, check yours here

Some 773M email addresses have been exposed by hackers in what is the largest ever breach. Alongside the email addresses are 21M passwords …


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How to Hide Text Messages & Photos on Your Phone

Among all the things that smartphone companies have done for us, they have also made it a lot easier for others to get a hold of our private information including our credit card info, personal photos and our passcodes. You should know that your phone contains private messages, photos that are dear to you and your information as well.

A secure lock screen passcode or other sensory locks are a great way to protect all your data, but what if they fail? We have created for you a guide that will elaborately help you to protect and secure all the important files and hide text messages and photos that you need to, on your phone. If you have an android phone such as a Samsung here is [...]

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Nest competitor Ring reportedly gave employees full access to customers’ live camera feeds

Last year, Amazon made waves in the smart home space by acquiring Ring for over $1 billion. Known for home security doorbells, a new report today claims that the company has a lax stance towards privacy that allowed more employees than seemingly necessary to access customers’ live camera feeds.


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