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Private contact data of millions of Instagram users was reportedly exposed

Facebook is investigating a report that claims the private contact data for millions of the influencers, brands, and celebrities who use the company’s Instagram subsidiary has been exposed online.

That news comes via TechCrunch, which recounted in a post on Monday that an unprotected database hosted by Amazon Web Services included private emails and phone numbers for millions of high-profile Instagram users. In all, more than 49 million records were reportedly contained in the database.

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Of course Google tracks your purchase history using Gmail

Yes Google collects purchase data, because it always has, and that’s not all it collects.

CNBC seems to think it’s breaking some sort of news in pointing out the fact that Google uses Gmail to track your online purchase history. The revelation comes from seeing a (relatively) new Google Account page that lets you view every purchase that Google has stored, which rightfully bothers some who didn’t realize this was something Google was collecting; or, at least in this much detail. While this is a great PSA for people to be reminded that Google does keep track of this sort of thing, it’s neither new nor particularly surprising. Why? Because Google has [...]

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Huawei offers to sign a no-spy agreement with governments

The UK defense minister Gavin Williamson was recently fired for allegedly leaking Huawei would be involved with its 5G networks.

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12 Things You Should Never Do Online

It’s something that none of us can live without any more, but the online world also has some dangers. The combination of anonymity and familiarity can lead to mistakes. Some can just be embarrassing if your friends hear about them, others can cause security problems and even lead to ID theft. Whatever the consequences, here ae twelve things you really should never do online.

12. Don’t use the same password for multiple sites

The reality of the internet today is that if you have data out there, at some point, one of the companies that have it are going to be hacked. If you use the same password for multiple sites, that means hackers, or whoever they sell your data too, [...]

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