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Everything You Can Do To Avoid Robocalls Today

Robocalls have been on the rise over the past few years. They’re relentless, annoying and cost consumers millions of dollars. According to YouMail, there were over 58 billion robocalls in 2019 alone. In 2020 so far, there are over 4.7 Billion robocalls. The great thing is that now they are about to meet their match. The US government has joined forces with other leading tech companies to combat this rampant practice.

To start with, President Trump signed an executive order – the anti-robocall TRACED Act into law on 30 December 2019. TRACED is the acronym for Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence. This Act was signed into law so as to support [...]

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Finally, here’s a secret weapon to use against all those despicable robocallers

It’s probably fitting that I’ve already had to fend off one robocall while typing this. “This,” being the following news — if you’re reading these words, then statistically you’re probably one of the millions of Americans bombarded with robocalls and spam calls each year, something that usually elicits a quick hang-up or a tap of the “decline” button on your phone. One app, however, wants to give us a new tool to address these calls. A tool, in fact, that will let users sue robocallers for up to $3,000 for each annoying call they spam you with.

The app is called DoNotPay, which offers a number of solutions including help [...]

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Google has begun rolling out Automatic Call Screening to all Pixel phones

You’ll no longer have to worry about robocalls — if you own a Pixel, that is.

What you need to know

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US files lawsuits against handful of robocalling companies for targeting the ‘elderly and vulnerable’

The US Justice Department has filed lawsuits against a handful of companies and individuals, accusing them of facilitating hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls. The suits accuse the companies of causing “elderly and vulnerable victims” serious financial harm.

According to the suits, most of the calls originated in India and were placed using VoIP systems. The calls use threats of disruptions to social security benefits or arrest for supposed tax fraud, among other tactics, to extort money from victims. Read More

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