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Anti-robocall standards finally rolling out between AT&T and T-Mobile

Automatic call blocking is now the rule of the land thanks to your very own United States federal government — that means you should be getting fewer robocalls and cold dials from spoofed (faked) numbers. It also means the roll-out of a two-part authentication system between the network sending and the network receiving named SHAKEN/STIR. This very system has just been deployed for calls between the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

The carriers jointly announced SHAKEN/STIR (or STIR/SHAKEN) deployment this morning. Read More

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How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls

Spam calls have become quite a nuisance nowadays, we want to block robocalls right away. But it has always been like that all the same. Over the last few months, it has become too intense. Robocall complaints to the federal trade commission have quintupled since 2009, having jumped steeply in just the past year to four and a half million in total.

Surprisingly, that’s just robocalls. There are another two and a half million complaints about live telemarketers. Our private numbers are basically everywhere now being linked to our online accounts, pasted at our email signatures and printed on our business cards.

Giving our phone numbers to anyone, there’s a good [...]

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House Passes Anti-Robocalling Bill – Requires Carriers to Implement Caller Identify Verification Tech

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a new act designed to reduce robocalls by improving the technology used to fight against the calls.

The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act was unanimously approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee last week, and was sent to the House floor on Wednesday, where it was passed with a 429-3 vote.

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AT&T starts blocking robocalls automatically, no opt-in required

Robocalls are a problem almost everyone in the US can relate to, and the fact that carriers weren’t allowed to block suspected spam calls without the explicit opt-in from customers for a long time hasn’t exactly improved the issue. An FCC ruling in June changed legislation around that, and AT&T was quick to act on it. The company is now automatically blocking calls it suspects as spam or fraud.

The service will be enabled for new customers right away and will roll out to existing lines “over the coming months.” In contrast to AT&T’s current Call Protect app, this upcoming blocking method doesn’t require you to install anything on [...]

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