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VPNFilter malware has infected a million routers — here’s what you need to know

Malware linked to the Russian government can manipulate your internet traffic, harvest personal information, and serve as a launch point for a broad range of internet attacks.

The ASUS RT66U router, one of the devices known to be vulnerable to VPNFilter.

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That Russian malware that infected over 500,000 devices is even worse than we thought

A few weeks ago we learned that a piece of sophisticated malware called VPNFilter infected more than 500,000 routers and other devices around the world. VPNFilter was spotted in some 54 countries, but an increase in activity in Ukraine suggested the malware was created by Russian intelligence looking to disrupt Ukraine either ahead of the Champions League final in late May, or before local celebrations in late June.

The Kremlin denied any involvement in VPNFilter, of course. Since then, the FBI issued a warning to Internet users to restart their routers. Cisco’s Talos security team is now back with more details on VPNFilter which reveal the malware is even more dangerous and [...]

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Today, we have an extremely informative article about your router password that everybody including iOS and Android users alike should read and understand. In fact, if you bought a router recently or even within the past 10 years, you should read this article.  Please don’t take this warning from FBI lightly.

When routers come out of manufacturing factories in Mexico, Asia or United States they are often updated with a default firmware that the manufacture has set up a long time ago.  Router software is updated from time to time, but the default username and password stay the same for most part.

Most if not all manufactures set up the initial firmware using a [...]

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The FBI wants you to turn your router off and back on again

Listen, it’s not you, it’s the Russians. And this story doesn’t involve any collusion and witch hunts. It’s just that the FBI would like you to reboot your router.

A report a few days ago came out saying that a Russian-backed attack is imminent, with Ukraine being the most likely target. Some feared that hackers would cause some incident ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final in the country. Thankfully, for Ukraine, the only incident that day came from Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos at the expense of Liverpool’s Mo Salah.

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