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Deal: Get free Gear IconX earbuds with Galaxy S8 or Note 8 purchase

It pays to wait.

As leaks and rumors have shown, the Galaxy S9 will be a very iterative upgrade compared to the Galaxy S8. If you aren’t concerned about having the very latest phone and would rather stretch your dollars as far as possible, Samsung’s running a new promo that’s worth a look.

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Camera showdown: Shooting hedgehogs with the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8

Both the iPhone 8 Plus and the Note 8 have dual-lens cameras to reproduce a bokeh-style blurred background effect. We went to a hedgehog café in Tokyo to see which captured the cute, spiky creatures best.

The post Camera showdown: Shooting hedgehogs with the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Muted calls on Google Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8 fixed by blowing into the mic

While your phone does a million things, one of its core functions is still to make an actual phone call. Because of that, the microphones on your device are very important. Lately, a handful of Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, and even Galaxy Note 8 owners have noticed their mics being a bit quiet, and there’s a really simple fix for that…


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Galaxy Note 8 Major Problems and the Ways to Deal with it

Many people generally are happy with what they get from the Galaxy Note 8 due to its features as well as power, but that does not mean that it does not have problems that other smartphones do, including bad battery life, radio issues, storage issues as well as its design. While these problems do exist, you can easily fix them but it’s better to identify why these problems occur on the phone and know the ways to deal with them as well.

Here is how you can deal with the problems of the Galaxy Note 8: Poor Battery Life

 Many smartphone owners always complain about battery life they use irrespective of its brand and features available to save battery using the power [...]

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