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Samsung unveils two more mid-range phones, the A60 and A40s

Since Samsung’s folding phone woes have been grabbing all the attention over the past day or so, it would be easy to miss that the Korean company has announced more mid-range handsets in the form of the Galaxy A60 and Galaxy A40s.

With these two new additions, the new Galaxy A series now offers a wide range of models, including the A80 with its intriguing rotating camera module. The A60 (pictured above), as the name suggests, is a cheaper affair. Read More

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Transferring from your new Galaxy is a snap with Smart Switch

Upgrading from an old Samsung phone to a new one is made a whole lot simpler by using Samsung’s “Smart Switch” software that’s built into every one of its phones. With a cable and a few taps, you’ll be able to transfer a majority of your phone’s content to the new device and be up and running faster than you’d think.

How to transfer from an old Galaxy phone to a new one with Smart Switch

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How to enable One UI (Android 9 Pie) dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung’s software has provided comprehensive theme capabilities for years but has never had a system-level dark mode like many competitors. Its Android 9 Pie software, which brings the new “One UI” interface, introduces a brand new “Night mode” that accomplishes the same goal: black out as much of the interface as possible, which is easy on your eyes at night but also friendly to your battery. This is how you enable and configure it.

How to enable dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones with One UI (Android 9 Pie)

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Configure Your Samsung Galaxy According To This Guide

Samsung is one of the most popular and well-known company because of its remarkable android based Samsung Galaxy phones. These phones are famous because of their impressive design and the amazing specs that they provide. In order to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone’s features, it is essential to configure the phone the right way. Thus, this guide will help you set up your Samsung Galaxy phone. Simply follow the following steps to make the operation of your phone easier right from the start.

1.      Place The Battery And Sim Card In Place

The first step to using your phone is obviously to unbox it. Once you have it, open the back case of your smartphone [...]

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