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Samsung App Scam Infected 25 Million Phones

Google suspended a fraudulent mobile app known as “Updates for Samsung” that claimed to offer legitimate system-level Android updates at a fee.

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone companies in the world, offering unmatched cutting-edge technological features every time they release a new flagship. As a Samsung smartphone owner, one of the smartest things you can do is frequently update your system to keep up with the latest firmware from Samsung.

Besides, consistent updates improve the performance and stability of the software, resolve any potential security risks by fixing bugs and errors, and upgrades the OS to present new features and experience. All [...]

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Report: Over 10 million people installed scam ‘Updates for Samsung’ app

Despite only offering updates via official channels, over 10 million Samsung owners installed a scam app claiming to offer OEM builds of the latest Android OS. The “Updates for Samsung” app masqueraded as a one-stop shop for OS updates. Instead, it redirected you to an ad farm that would then charge real money to download firmware updates.


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A New Phone Scam That Can Cost You Thousands

Evolution of technology has bridged the gap of communication between millions of people, and while it has brought positive changes in the lives of people, it has its consequences as well in this case in the form of scammers.

The amount of incidents in which people have received phone calls from unknown numbers who claim to be legit organizations and making people hopeful by saying that they have won the lottery is humongous. Moreover, people end up losing thousands of dollars after being scammed.

New Phone Scam doing the rounds

Recently an incident was reported in Florida where two individuals were trying to buy cellphones while using the personal information of someone [...]

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Phishing scams keep getting smarter, making them difficult to spot

It’s a sad reality that phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often making it hard for even savvy users to differentiate between legitimate messages and ones designed to abscond with sensitive personal and financial information. Just a few days ago, for example, we covered an iPhone phishing scam that manages to trick users into thinking they’re receiving a legitimate phone call from Apple tech support.

Phone-based phishing scams, though, are arguably a tad easier to detect than web-based phishing scams. That said, scammers over the past few years have done an impressive job of constructing websites that, even upon close inspection, look [...]

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