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8 Secret Android Hidden Codes You Must Know

A lot of Android users do not know but plenty of their smartphones have secret functions that users can easily access by entering hidden codes into your keypad. While some of these functions are things you will probably never need to use– some are super cool and are quite useful. While there are a ton of these hidden codes, we’ve filtered out eight that we think are the best.  Try them out!

[ 8 ] *#*#4636#*#*   

This code will take you to the Info Menu. This information is critical to your phone device.  You will be able to see details about your phone, your data usage, and much more. The information contained in this menu might differ depending on your [...]

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13 Secret Codes That Will Unlock Hidden Features on Your Android Phone

With most phones, you can access hidden features by entering secret codes. Some of these codes lead to passageways, others lead to Easter eggs. You might not use secret phones every day, but they are fun to play around with when you have downtime. Some codes only work with specific phone carriers or models, so you’ll have to test them out to see which ones work.  Here is the list of secret codes that will unlock some pretty awesome features on your phone:

13) Field Mode: *3001#12345#*

When you enter this code into your Android phone and click the call button, it will take you to field mode. Filed mode shows you information about local networks and cell towers. You can [...]

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