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NordVPN was hacked in March 2018, only some servers affected

Banks, credit card companies, and VPN providers are probably at the top of the list of organizations you really hope would have their security in order. NordVPN, the VPN company you’ve likely heard recommended by countless YouTubers, has confirmed one of its data centers was hacked over a year ago.

As far as corporate hacks go, this instance is relatively minor in scope. NordVPN confirmed that one of its rented data centers in Finland was accessed by a hacker, by exploiting an insecure remote management system operated by the data center’s owner. Read More

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Amazon Leaked User’s Information in Error, Check If Your Name Was Exposed

Amazon, one of the oldest online shopping site has gained the trust of its millions of users over the past three decades and continues to thrive and prosper. One of the many things that makes Amazon unique is how it revolves around its customers. Always promises to provide the best service.

It makes sure its customers can trust it by allowing honest reviews and whatnot, and it continues to expand its services with the introduction of Amazon Prime, etc. Just like any other online retail company, you can enter your credit card details, your name, and your email and that stays with the company. You are supposed to trust the company to keep it with them.

On the 21st of [...]

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British Airways app and website hack exposes full card details of 380,000 customers

A ‘sophisticated’ attack on British Airways’ mobile app and website has exposed the names, email addresses and full credit card details of 380,000 customers.

Of particular concern is the fact that the attackers captured the three-digit CCV security codes on the backs of cards, something that should not normally be possible …

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If You Have or Had a Yahoo Account, You Can Finally Sue Them for Your Troubles 

If you have or had a Yahoo account, you likely heard about the string of security breaches that troubled the popular web service provider a few years ago. You also probably felt angry and deceived by the way the company handled the problem. Now, you finally have a chance to make your voice heard. If you had a Yahoo account between 2013 and 2016 and found yourself inconvenienced by a security breach, you can now sue Verizon, Yahoo’s parent company. US District Judge Lucy Koh threw out Verizon’s argument that the victims did not have any standing to sue.

Initially, Yahoo admitted that a billion of their clients’ accounts had been breached. The first breach happened in 2013. The [...]

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