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10 Important Security Tips for Android Users

We mostly use our phones more than our laptops. Sadly, we are obsessed with laptop security than we are about our Android handsets. This is partly because many security measures have been patched away and firmed up.

We know that the Android mobile operating system is the world’s largest dominating OS. However, it is the most vulnerable to malware and security attacks. Along using passwords and sensitive data, there are many ways to ensure your phone isn’t compromised. Here are 10 important security tips for Android users:

[ 10 ] Enable Encryption

On your Android device, go to the Settings menu and scroll down to “Security”. Tap that and look for [...]

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Google’s 2018 product boxes have reflective anti-counterfeiting labels

Odds are that you won’t encounter any fake Pixel 3s or Home Hubs, and if you’re reading this site, you’d probably be able to identify a counterfeit Google product pretty easily. But if you’re buying a piece of Google hardware off, say, Craigslist, and you want to verify its authenticity, the company’s 2018 products each come with a reflective anti-counterfeiting sticker that’ll let you know what’s real and what isn’t.


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Timehop hacked: users advised to take urgent steps to protect their cellphone numbers

Timehop, an app which resurfaces memories from your past social media posts, says that it has been hacked. Names, email addresses and phone numbers have been obtained, and the company urges users to take urgent steps to protect their cellphone numbers …


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Fake Fortnite APKs are out there, don’t be tricked into downloading one

Given Fortnite’s current hotness, we understand if you’ve been scouring the webs for an APK to download onto your phone. After all, Epic Games said that Fortnite would be making its way to Android this summer, and it’s basically summer at this point. But be forewarned: Fortnite is not out on Android yet, and anything you see claiming to be a Fortnite APK is a scam.

Oh cool, a scam ad right at the top of YouTube.

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