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5 Signs Your Phone Has a Virus and How You Can Fix It

Viruses are scary leeches that cling on to if your phone has a virus and threaten their well-being. And of course, the fear of losing years of data can keep us up at night. And if you’re using an Android phone, the risks are definitely more challenging.

Android operating system is widely used across the world as it holds around 65% of the market share and has more than a billion users. Moreover, the convenience that Android phones provide to its users has its disadvantages. Since the Android operating system gives its users the freedom to download tons of items directly from the internet, it puts the phones at risk.

Hackers are constantly trying to up their tactics to [...]

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Android needs to adopt gesture navigation sooner rather than later

It hardly seems that long, but nearly ten years ago, the world’s first Android smartphone was announced. Android in 2008 really was barely recognizable as the operating system we know and love today, and the way we navigated that operating system was pretty different, too.

The HTC G1, or Dream as it was known in some markets, was equipped with a slew of hard buttons and even a trackball (yes, a trackball), though it also offered a full touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard. Read More

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Gaming-focused Red Magic Phone offers monstrous specs for just $400

Don’t feel that the Razer Phone went far enough with its aesthetic? Check out the Red Magic Phone, the phone that’s packing huge specs and an RGB color strip, for an initial asking price of just $400.

The post Gaming-focused Red Magic Phone offers monstrous specs for just $400 appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Is it safe to charge your phone all the way to 100%?

Your battery might degrade slightly faster, but going to 100% won’t kill you.

Even though cameras performance, processor speed, and screen resolutions are always improving, we still often find ourselves charging our phones more often than we’d like. The act of charging a phone is about as simple as can be, but there’s some debate regarding how long you should leave your handset plugged in.

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