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Remove these Android apps from your phone immediately

By now, the pattern is pretty familiar. In spite of the company stepping up its detection efforts, Google can’t seem to eliminate sketchy applications from sneaking their way into the Google Play Store where they often rack up millions of downloads before being found and eliminated.

The latest culprits that have been found are a handful of camera and VPN apps that have collectively racked up several hundred million downloads.

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The Android tech that iPhone users are most jealous of somehow got even better

As an iPhone user, there’s one technology available on Android devices that I envy most, and it’s obviously one that has yet to make it over to iOS devices. That’s fast wired and wireless charging that can replenish battery life quicker than ever. And somehow, that technology is getting even better.

For comparison purposes, the iPhone 11 finally fixed some of the iPhone’s battery issues. All three iPhone 11 models have larger batteries than before, and all three support 18W wired charging, though only the two Pro models ship with 18W chargers in the box. Early reviewers confirmed that battery life is indeed superior to last year’s iPhone XS series, and the three [...]

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Here are the best Android phones for students in 2019

Summer’s over, school’s back and — what’s that, your kid needs a new smartphone? Of course they do. Well, whether you’re looking for a cheap plastic phone with a great camera like the Pixel 3a or a super-powerful flagship with a stylus (and a price tag to match) like the Note 10, we’ve have the best phones for students in 2019 and beyond.

Best Overall: Google Pixel 3a

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Huawei’s best smartphone ever has a huge problem that eclipses all its amazing new features

Huawei on Thursday held a press conference in Munich, Germany to unveil its third flagship phone of the year — and it’s easily the most compelling one. Part of the Mate 30 series, the Mate 30 Pro is the best Huawei Android phone ever made, and it’s probably the best Android phones of the year. Or at least it would’ve been, if not for a major problem.

The successor of the Mate 20 Pro has quite a few interesting features, many of them not even available on competing devices, whether they’re iPhone or Android handsets. But unlike last year, the Mate 30 Pro has one massive drawback: it doesn’t come with Google’s Android apps built-in, and that’s all because [...]

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