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How to Fix a Phone That Takes Too Long To Charge Its Battery

Are you fed up of the time it takes for your phone to charge in one go? Is it an on-going problem and your phone is just new? Don’t worry, we have the right remedies for you to fix the problems that might be resulting in your battery to charge slowly. Your phone might be suffering from the given ailments in this article, there is always a likelihood that these are present so make sure you fix them all!

A bad cable

If you have a phone that charges slowly, then the first step you should be taking is checking your USB cable. This is pretty common given we use our USB cables quite often and some wear and tear is likely. Many of us tend to use the same cable for years and [...]

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Hole punch displays are worse than notch displays

The next year or more of smartphones are going to drive me insane, I can feel it.

I have no love for the notch. I don’t understand the techy Stockholm Syndrome I see when pundits and commenters say they “get used to it” after a few days of use. The notch is a miserable compromise to give us something we don’t actually need to compromise for.

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Get your hands on a refurbished Samsung smartphone from $145

One of the most accessible ways to get these phones that still pack plenty of power.

Woot has a number of refurbished Samsung smartphones on sale for today only. The promotion includes 2017’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with prices starting at $270, as well as even more affordable options from just $145. All of the phones in the sale are unlocked and come with a 90-day Woot warranty.

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LG rumored to offer second-screen attachment with upcoming phone

Remember LG’s ill-fated Friends modules — you know, that one camera grip thing and the other DAC add-on that never came to the US for the poorly-made G5? The company apparently didn’t learn its lesson, as CNET is now reporting that it could be unveiling a phone with a second-screen add-on at MWC next month.

According to someone close to the project, this attachment would potentially double the screen size, and it would debut alongside several other LG phones at MWC. Read More

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