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New Features Coming To iPhone That Android Already Has

Apple just showed off iOS 14 in its virtual WWDC Conference that kicked off on June 22nd and it brought a lot of great new features to the iPhone. If you’re a long time Android user, some of those features might look a little too familiar.

Here are a few ways Android influenced the latest version of iOS:

1. Widgets

Widgets are finally coming to the home screen in iOS and you don’t have to stare at a grid of icons anymore. In iOS 14, widgets can be resized to two-by-two, four-by-two, or even larger. They dynamically update with information like the weather – to fit in their size.

It’s almost similar to Windows Phone ‘Live tiles’ and Android’s ‘Widgets’. Before the [...]

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Ads are taking over Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones — and it needs to stop

When you buy a $2,000 smartphone, you shouldn’t be the product

I’ve used a Samsung Galaxy smartphone almost every day for nearly 4 years. I used them because Samsung had fantastic hardware that was matched by (usually) excellent software. But in 2020, a Samsung phone is no longer my daily driver, and there’s one simple reason that’s the case: Ads.

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Official OnePlus Nord promo video offers tantalizing glimpses of upcoming phone

Screenshots are the best we’ll get

OnePlus says that the Nord will be the first phone under its banner in a long time to fall under the $500 watermark. It also says that this project is dragging the brand into a new direction. But if you’re really in for a tease, the company has a new video just for you.

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Forget foldables, LG will launch the most daring smartphone ever made next year

An LG phone with a rollable display is currently being prototyped for a 2021 launch, a report from Korea said.

The device is called “B Project” internally. The phone will feature an OLED screen that’s rollable at the sides and can be expanded when needed.

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