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Snapchat employees spied on users by misusing internal tools

Multiple Snapchat employees spied on users by misusing internal tools, accessing such information as location, phone numbers and their own saved Snaps.

The tools are supposed to be used to help the company fight spam and abuse, and to comply with law enforcement requests, but many staff have access and are abusing it, say former employees …

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Snapchat Adds Lenses Designed for Dog Selfies

That iPhone that you bought for your dog for Christmas is now just a little more useful, with the release of Snapchat augmented reality lenses created specifically for dogs.

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Snapchat shed 2 million more users in Q3, but there is hope

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know how most of us feel about Snapchat. I actually used to use it pretty often, but as the app became increasingly bloated and sluggish, my friends and I defected to other services or just stopped altogether. Q3 financials are in, and although Snapchat lost a further two million users, there are some signs of a recovery.

As reported by TechCrunch, active users fell by one 1% to 186 million, which isn’t exactly a small user base. Read More

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Voter registration tool in Snapchat helped 400,000+ people get their vote

Snap says that the Snapchat app has helped 418,000 people register to vote in the upcoming midterms. Snap added a voter registration tool to the app last month …


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