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Netflix in December 2019: Every movie and TV series coming next month, and everything leaving

The world of streaming content has seen a sea change in 2019. Within the last month, both Apple TV+ and Disney+ made their debut, heating up the competition for Netflix in a big way. But unlike all those other services, Netflix has a tried and true game plan. And based on the release slate for December, it isn’t planning to fix what isn’t broken, with shows like YOU, Fuller House, and Lost in Space all returning with new seasons.

But the most intriguing addition this month might be a movie, as Ryan Reynolds is teaming up with director Michael Bay for a big-budget action flick called 6 Underground. It’s out on December 13th.

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The 10 hottest new and returning TV shows everyone’s watching right now on Netflix, Disney+, and more

Remember back when Netflix had only been streaming for a couple of years and people would complain all the time about how difficult it was to find anything good to watch? Times have certainly changed now, and people have the opposite problem: there is so much good content to stream that people often have a difficult time decided what to watch. It’s certainly not the worst problem to have, but things did just get a bit more complicated last week when Disney finally launched Disney+. Now in addition to all the big names in streaming like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more, we have an incredible service for only $6.99 a month (or less!) that’s packed full of [...]

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Reminder: You’re crazy if you have Verizon and you don’t get your free year of Disney+

Happy anniversary, Disney+! Everyone’s favorite new streaming service is finally here, and it launched exactly one week ago today. Are we going to celebrate the arrival of Disney+ again every single week, month, and year? No, but we thought the service’s one-week anniversary would be the perfect time to remind our readers that there’s a wonderfully easy way to get a full year of Disney+ for free. That’s right… despite the facts that Disney+ is brand new and that it’s the hottest streaming service in America right now, there’s already a way to get the service for a full year without paying a single cent.

As popular as Disney+ already [...]

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How to watch Apple TV+ on your Android phone

We’re in the midst of Apple TV+ hype, but one particular group of people are feeling particularly left out. That’s right, Android phone users have no Apple TV app to call their own, but does that mean you’re completely locked out of seeing what all the fuss is about?


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