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10 Common Netflix Problems and How to Fix Them

Netflix is the latest thing in entertainment, and at least every person in every family or group of friends has a subscription to it which his friends or family use and could run into common Netflix problems. From International movies to the latest television series and documentaries, Netflix is a one-stop entertainment experience.

The ratings and the blurbs of the show help you decide whether you want to watch it or not, and there is something that people of every age can enjoy.

However, there are certain very common problems that Netflix users face and this can spoil the watching experience. But don’t worry! Most of these problems have very short and simple [...]

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Netflix is testing a $4, mobile-only plan to attract a wider audience

Speaking with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings last week, Bloomberg learned that the company was considering testing a lower-priced tier of its streaming service in Asian territories. It apparently didn’t take long for the company to reach its decision, as Malaysia’s The Star reported on Wednesday that Netflix has introduced a mobile-only plan in the Asian country, charging just RM17 for a subscription (which translates to around $4 USD).

The “Mobile” plan, which costs half as much as the Basic plan, only allows users to watch Netflix on one smartphone or tablet at a time, and only in standard definition. If you want to watch on a laptop or TV, you’ll [...]

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Every single person who watches Netflix on a computer should have this free plugin

Netflix is truly a rarity in this day and age, in that it’s a subscription service that is actually beloved by overwhelming majority of people who use it. Spotify is another good example. People pay for Netflix and they actually don’t mind at all, because the service actually delivers on all of its promises and then some. What’s more, it’s not overpriced at all. Netflix invests so much in great original content and its catalog is always expanding. Even after recent price increases, it really is worth every penny.

Another great feature of Netflix is that it works everywhere that you might want to watch. Whether you’re on your smartphone, laptop, [...]

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Netflix to test lower-priced streaming plan in some markets

Speaking with Bloomberg in an interview last Friday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed that Netflix will test a new, lower-priced tier of its streaming service to potentially boost sales in foreign markets.

That’s basically all there is to know at the moment, as Hastings wouldn’t confirm when the test will take place, which markets would see the lower price tier, or even whether or not the lower price would be permanent. The primary goal of the new tier would be to lure in more Asian subscribers, so there’s no telling if US users (or users in any current market) would see a new, cheaper plan alongside the three plans that Netflix currently offers.

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