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Phantom text messages were sent around the country last night

A number of users received text messages that weren’t actually sent. According to some reports, the messages are actually duplicates of messages sent on February 14.

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Microsoft SMS Organizer app now available in US, UK, Australia

While in most of the world, SMS is almost a dying protocol, it is still popular and used by millions every single day. The Microsoft created SMS Organizer is now available in the US, UK, and Australia, and is designed to help you get a grip of text message spam, promotions, reminders, and general clutter.


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How to get iMessage on Android

iMessage on Android. It’s a beautiful pipe dream that’s fun to think about, but in reality, it likely won’t ever be a thing. Or will it? If you have a bit of patience and technical knowhow, there is a way to get iMessage on your Android phone right now using something called AirMessage. It’s not the easiest thing to set up, but once you have everything up and running, the experience is pretty solid.

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Send Text Messages Without Internet or Cell Service From Any Phone

Yes, we got to admit that using Facebook’s Messenger for text messages became too trendy and all of us use it by now. But no matter what you use, whether it’s WhatsApp or any other alternative, there’s always this need for offline messaging.

Luckily, the Play Store is stacked with amazing options of highly-developed apps specifically dedicated for Text Messages. Not only that, but you also get to have different themes and skins and all kinds of fun stuff!

But enough talking about it. Let’s jump ahead and unravel these best Android apps you can use for texting without internet:

#6 – Text Messages by FireChat

One of the very fine options we’re going [...]

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