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Oppo’s new messaging app doesn’t need Wi-Fi or even cellular service to send and receive messages

In addition to showing off the world’s first phone with a camera under the screen at MWC 2019 Shanghai, Oppo unveiled an unexpected smartphone feature, especially for a smartphone maker from China. It’s called MeshTalk, and as the name hints, it lets you connect to other phones around you. There’s no need for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular service to get the job done, and it works over distances of up to 3km (1.86 miles).

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Google Messages is suggesting GIF searches based on your conversations

Support for Tenor GIFs was recently added to Google’s SMS messaging app, allowing you to easily add a GIF into your chats by tapping on the + and then ‘GIF search.’ Google really wants to encourage you to use this, it seems, as it’s now offering suggestions for GIF searches based on your conversations.

In the last few days, users may have noticed these recommendations appear above the text entry field, in the same spot as smart replies or suggested actions. Read More

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Google Assistant is coming to Android’s default texting app

Google Assistant is getting better and better, and Google has announced that the service is set to make its way to more languages. On top of that, Google is expected to make its way to more Android apps, including Android Messages.

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iMessage for Android is the messaging solution we need, not the one we want

This week, I received a new Android phone in the mail. I removed its plastic wrapping, opened the top, unfurled the hastily-placed screen protector and turned it on. When I booted it up, I logged in with my Google account, restored from a backup of my Pixel 3, and waited for the 80 or so apps I regularly use to restore some or all of their user data.

This is my routine for getting a new phone, and it allows me to get up and running, thanks to Google Cloud Backup, in about 30 minutes. It’s a tantalizing and delightful taste of automation, but its usefulness is only as good, and as engaging, as the apps on my phone.

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