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Every messaging app should steal Slack’s sweet new UI

This is an ingenious way to address issues with gestures overlapping.

It’s no secret that people have frustrations with Android 10’s gesture navigation, particularly the back gesture — and phones with curved screen edges have only exacerbated the problem. Apps that rely on slide-in drawers can be really tough to use, and when that’s a core part of the interface it can slow you down dramatically.

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How to Stop Text Message Scams

Spam text messages are more than just annoying reminders one receives about unnecessary things that we do not need. They are so much irritating like the robocalls that make our lives a living hell.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, it is illegal to send unsolicited, or spam, commercial text messages to a wireless device unless the sender gets your permission. Apart from being painfully annoying, spam texts pose the risk of exposing one to identity theft, installing malware on their device, and stealing information.

You could have received a message announcing you’ve won some money or warning you about your iCloud account being hacked. Those messages are [...]

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FedEx Warns Everyone About A New Text Message Scam

It may just be the beginning of a new year but it’s always phishing season for scammers. Online shoppers eagerly waiting for a package to arrive may want to think twice before they click any delivery update in the form of a text message.

Law enforcement, FedEx and Amazon are warning people about a new, very convincing text scam that appears to be a text notification from the shipping service.

Police in Duxbury, Massachusetts posted a warning on Twitter that read, “There is a new scam where you get a text with your name from FedEx (or another delivery service) and a tracking number. Do not click on the link. When in doubt about a tracking number, go to the [...]

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The hottest new smartphone chat app is secretly spying on you, so uninstall it right now

Not all mobile messaging apps are equal when it comes to built-in security and privacy protections, so you should be wary of anything new that comes your way no matter how viral it might. Not all of them feature end-to-end encryption, which is the only kind of encryption you should want in an instant messaging app — the list of secure apps includes iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, or Signal by the way. Some of them might actually spy on you, especially if you’re a high-target individual, or if you live in certain parts of the world. The newest popular chat app that’s secretly spying on you is called ToTok and comes from the Emirates.

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