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Settings to Secure Your Email Right Now

Our emails hold the most sensitive details we have as humans. From bank statements to personal letters, password reset request, among other vital information, there’s no doubt that emails have just too much sensitive information.

If any perpetrator was to access it, they’d effectively have access to all of your online identity. Instead of being on the edge, how about securing your Gmail account?

Here are effective ways to secure your Gmail account effectively:

Use a Strong Password

We are all guilty of reusing simple passwords at some point in our lives. Reusing the same password across multiple sits and services is asking for your account to [...]

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5 hidden Google Maps features you won’t find in Waze

Google Maps completely changed the way people travel locally and away from home, and it’s still one of the most popular applications in the world to this day.

The app is still just as easy to use now as it was in the early days, but a ton of new functionality has been added throughout the years to further enhance the experience.

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This hidden Google Maps trick helps protect you from the coronavirus

Google Maps has a few handy features that can help users deal with the novel coronavirus pandemic, including a built-in tool that will let you order food from inside the app.

As long as restaurants support the feature and as long as they’re still open for business, you can place your food order directly from within the navigation app.

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How to Install Pixel 4 Camera Features On Any Other Phone

Google Pixel smartphones have always been hyped up as one of the best camera smartphones in the industry today. Google’s latest smartphone flagship, Pixel 4, comes with various useful features and options. They improve the user experience and make the smartphone more appealing.

One of the best features of this smartphone is its camera performance. The Google Pixel line-up is well known for its camera performance and the pre-installed Google Camera app offers excellent image processing. Many Android users have resorted to using ported versions of the Google camera on their smartphones.

Pixel 4 Camera Features

The Google Camera app on Pixel 4 introduces [...]

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