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Google Docs Tips and Tricks

Since Google Docs was launched in March 2006, anyone who was a writer switched to the cloud-based service and never looked back. Even if you’re already aware of the multi-user capabilities, keyboard shortcuts and other advantages of Google Docs, there are a few tricks you might have not yet heard of.

From using Google Docs offline to transcribing audio files with Google’s voice typing feature, here are some Google Docs tips and tricks you should definitely look into:

1. How to Use Google Docs Online


One of the riskiest things about using cloud-based platforms is the challenges it has when one loses internet connection. If there happens to be [...]

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5 cool Telegram gestures and shortcuts you should be using

For the newbie and maybe even the seasoned user

In recent years gestures have become fundamental to the way we interact with our devices, prompting not only Android itself but also the apps that call it home to implement them. A prime example of this is Telegram, one of the best messaging apps out there. With such a rich tapestry of features included in Telegram, it’s easy to miss some of them or forget that they exist. So, let’s take a look at some of the most useful gestures and shortcuts that are hidden away in Telegram, and why you should be using them. Read More

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This amazing hack removes all ads from YouTube videos

You can remove YouTube ads with a simple hack, both on desktop and on mobile phones.

A Redditor revealed that adding a single character to the address of the video will crash all the ads that would otherwise play through it.

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10 Android Tricks and Shortcuts You Wish You’d Known Sooner

One of the best reasons Android users go for the operating system is due to its versatility and flexibility in modification. With new Android tricks, one can easily get smarter in their daily routine works and fully customize the device according to how they’d like. Here are 10 new Android tips and tricks that users wish they knew sooner:

#10. Email Expiration

Did you know you can set different expiration dates for your email? Well, you can set it to expire in one day, one week, one month, three months and even up to five years.

All you have to do is, when composing an email, tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Confidential [...]

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