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10 Important Security Tips for Android Users

We mostly use our phones more than our laptops. Sadly, we are obsessed with laptop security than we are about our Android handsets. This is partly because many security measures have been patched away and firmed up.

We know that the Android mobile operating system is the world’s largest dominating OS. However, it is the most vulnerable to malware and security attacks. Along using passwords and sensitive data, there are many ways to ensure your phone isn’t compromised. Here are 10 important security tips for Android users:

[ 10 ] Enable Encryption

On your Android device, go to the Settings menu and scroll down to “Security”. Tap that and look for [...]

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Tip: Tap and hold on images in Google Photos to see associated motion clips

Google Photos users are probably familiar with the app’s many hidden gestures. You can pinch two fingers together in the main library to see smaller and more numerous thumbnails, or expand those fingers to enlarge the thumbnails. When viewing a photo, pinching or swiping down will minimize it and return you to the previous screen, while swiping up will reveal its info. Artem recently discovered a Motion Photo-related gesture, and despite it being quite old, we’d never seen it mentioned before and didn’t know about it, so here it is. Read More

Tip: Tap and hold on images in Google Photos to see associated motion clips was written by the awesome team at Android [...]

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Tip: Double tap the Live Caption overlay to see more lines of text

Live Caption is one of the most interesting features introduced on the Pixel 4, and it’s great that it’s coming to the Pixel 3 and 3a line, as well. By default, it only shows you two lines of live-transcribed text, which might be enough in most circumstances. But if you ever need to see more context, you can double tap the overlay to make it display eight lines of text. Read More

Tip: Double tap the Live Caption overlay to see more lines of text was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Here are some tips for using Motion Sense on the Pixel 4

You’ll find a host of features on the Pixel 4, but one that stands out the most is Motion Sense. Motion Sense is a gesture system that allows you to control the Pixel 4 by simply waving your hand over its display, giving you a new and unique way to control the phone. There are currently just a handful of ways in which you can use Motion Sense, and today, we’ll be running through how they work and how to get the most out of them.

How to use Motion Sense to snooze alarms

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