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Moshi’s combo USB-C audio & power dongle is a must-buy for charging while listening — especially in the car

I will never change my opinion when it comes to the headphone jack: Taking it away was a terrible, consumer-unfriendly decision. Thanks to Google, Essential, OnePlus, and other OEMs, that means I have to work a bit harder to accommodate new devices into my firmly, happily tangled life, and one of the most annoying sacrifices up until now was using my phone in the car. The standalone Android Auto app actually works great just on your phone’s screen, but having to choose between charging and audio was a major bummer. Read More

Moshi’s combo USB-C audio & power dongle is a must-buy for charging while listening — especially in the car was written by the awesome [...]

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Is a USB-C dongle better than USB-C headphones?

Best answer: A USB-C dongle can be better than USB-C headphones. It all depends on the presence of a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) and its quality. If the DAC in the dongle is better than the DAC in the headphones, then you should go with the dongle. If the opposite is true, then don’t bother.

Amazon: Razer Hammerhead USB-C ($77)

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Moshi’s new premium USB-C headphones offer high-res audio at a low price

Customize your sound with these new USB Type-C headphones from Moshi.

Two new additions to Moshi’s lineup of USB-C headphones were just unveiled at CES today, and they’re a must-see for the audiophiles out there: the Mythro C in-ear earphones and the Avanti C on-ear headphones. Known for its premium tech essentials and accessories for everything from Apple and Android to Kindle, Moshi offers classy, stylish tech at an affordable price, and these new releases are no exception.

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What to look for when buying USB-C cables and adapters

Buying cables shouldn’t be difficult. It doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple tips.

USB standards have a long history, and they’ve gone through plenty of changes since first implemented in 1996. The premise behind them is providing a way to standardize cables, connectors, communication, and power transfer between electronic devices. Those are some pretty high goals to reach, but the specifications do just that and the rest is up to the manufacturers of all the products that use them.

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