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How to Delete Your Gmail Personal Data

Gmail is Google’s free Email service that brings Google’s search functionalities to your email. Offered with a generous free online storage of 15GB, it allows one to store and archive all your messages. With a simplistic interface, Google enables users to find their emails in the search box according to the context without any problem. The robust IMAP and POP enables one to receive emails through any email program on any device.

Gmail offers great features and protects against spam in an efficient way that many competitors have tried to imitate. Surprisingly, clearing your history won’t prevent Google from keeping a record of all your search activity. There [...]

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How to Identify and Remove Dangerous Browser Extensions On Your Device

Browser extensions are fun little tools that work to enhance our online experience. Well, that’s probably the case, right? They’re meant to integrate new helpful features within our browsers. But some extensions do that at a cost you might not be willing to wager.

Certain web browser extensions can actually do you more harm than good. Aside from letting you translate webpages on the go, find discount coupons, or block ads, extensions can slow down your device tremendously and even compromise your privacy.

The Good and Bad About Browser Extensions

While letting you fire up your browsing experience with various features, some extensions are extremely detrimental to your [...]

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Phone Numbers of 419 Million+ Facebook Users Exposed Online

Guess what, it’s time for another report on a Facebook data leak. This time an unsecured database containing the phone numbers of nearly 420 million Facebook users has been found online. Facebook (of course) says no accounts have been compromised as a result of the exposure.

TechCrunch reports security researcher Sanyam Jain discovered a server that contained the phone numbers and in some cases the names and locations of Facebook users. Jain was unable to find the owner of the server, so he told TechCrunch about it. The publication then cross-checked the data against known Facebook profile and matched numbers against Facebook’s password reset feature.

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Google shut down ‘Mobile Network Insights’ service for carriers due to privacy concerns

According to a new report, for two years, Google apparently provided mobile carriers access to anonymized network data from Android phones in a program called “Mobile Network Insights.”


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