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HMD Global partners w/ Google Cloud to move all Nokia data to Finland

HMD Global has just announced that it is working with Google Cloud and CGI to bring all data collection for Nokia devices to its home country of Finland. Apparently, this change is being made for better security of that data, as well as faster and more accurate updates.


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5 Ways To Keep Your Personal Data Safe on MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is a rather secure laptop, and MacOS is designed with some of today’s most advanced technologies. With that said, it isn’t entirely secure to modern attempts to breach system security. For this reason, MacBook Pro users frequently adopt tools, software, and upgrades to fortify the platform.

Consumers can upgrade the MacBook’s settings, download protective software like Surfshark VPN for MacOS or manage their wireless settings to beef up their computer’s security. Likewise, they can focus on frequent data backups to assure ongoing information safety. Whether you’re concerned about your laptop’s digital integrity or simply want some added protection—these five [...]

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OnePlus accidentally leaked email addresses from its Shot on OnePlus app

OnePlus has a little-known feature bundled with its phones called “Shot on OnePlus.” It’s a way for people to show off the photos they take on their phones by making them available to other OP users as wallpapers. However, OnePlus reportedly designed its API in such a way that it’s easy for someone to harvest email addresses from Shot on OnePlus.

Users can upload photos to Shot on OnePlus from the phone or using a website. Read More

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Facebook will pay you to let it spy on you

After coming under fire earlier this year for quietly paying users between the ages of 13 and 35 up to $20 a month in most cases for permission to install a “Facebook Research” VPN on their phones, Facebook found itself having to defend what sounded from the outside like an extremely sketchy practice.

It wasn’t totally clear, for example, that all the teens and adults involved in Facebook’s study were completely aware of what degree of privacy they were giving up by letting Facebook have access to their data.

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