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Walmart Has Three Decent Android Tablets for Under $100

Whenever you think about buying tech devices, we always overlook Walmart. No matter what they have to offer, we’re just convinced there are better deals somewhere else. Well, the store has some really good tablet deals at the moment that are just too cheap to ignore.

Walmart has this brand called Onn, which will release three Android tablets this very week. The tablets have already been released on their website with their models and specifications. What’s amazing about these tablets is the incredibly cheap price they come at.

When it comes to electronic devices, you always pay for what you get. That’s just how things go. Although these tablets are not the most [...]

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Walmart Onn Android Tablet review

There aren’t many Android tablets under $100, so the Walmart Onn is an attractive prospect. With near stock Android and the Play Store on board it has the potential to be an Amazon Fire beater, but what’s it like to use?

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