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The OnePlus 8 will have wireless charging, and it’s going to be quick

OnePlus has developed a wireless charging system that meets is speedy needs.

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It looks like the OnePlus 8 will finally support wireless charging

Fans have been asking OnePlus for years to add wireless charging support o their handsets, a feature that was available on almost every other Android flagship and the iPhone — Apple only started supporting the function in 2017. OnePlus resisted, arguing that wireless charging technology isn’t where it should be, and fast wired charging is more convenient to the user. While OnePlus snubbed wireless charging, the company did invest in delivering faster wired charging. But wireless charging is finally coming to OnePlus phones. That’s what a leaker said a few days ago, and OnePlus’s latest move suggests the OnePlus 8 might be the first smartphone series to support wireless [...]

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OnePlus 8 Pro tipped to include wireless charging, but CEO implies otherwise

For years now, OnePlus has been ignoring wireless charging and coming up with pretty poor excuses for not adopting the technology. However, there’s now a rumor going around saying that the OnePlus 8 Pro may adopt wireless charging this year.


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Can you finally use wireless charging with the OnePlus 7T?

Best answer: Keeping with the trend of other OnePlus handsets, the OnePlus 7T does not feature wireless charging. If you must have wireless charging, you’ll want to go with another phone.

New hotness: OnePlus 7T ($600 at OnePlus)

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