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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus remain some of the best truly wireless earbuds around

Over the past few years, there’s been an explosion in the number of truly wireless earbuds — earbuds without any cables connecting to each other — to the point where it’s tough to say which ones are the best. Samsung, though, might take the crown with its Galaxy Buds Plus. Why? Let me explain.


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Samsung’s first-gen Galaxy Buds are now just $76 on eBay

The Galaxy Buds+ are the hot new audio product on the block, but the first-generation Galaxy Buds are still an excellent buy (especially at recently-reduced prices). Last month, you could get refurbished Galaxy Buds from Best Buy for just $60, but now they are available new from eBay for only a bit more money.

eBay seller ‘sobeonline1,’ who has a 99.8% positive feedback rating from buyers, currently has new in-box Galaxy Buds for just $75.99. Read More

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Google Pixel Buds review, 2 months on: Still my favorite wireless earbuds

These true wireless earbuds are still fantastic, and made even better with a bug-fixing update.

Despite coming out several months after their original announcement in 2019, the new Google Pixel Buds didn’t have a smooth launch — but that’s par for the course for Google hardware it seems. Connection problems and quality control issues cast a bit of a shadow over to the Pixel Buds, which had heightened expectations to begin with given the Google name and a $180 price tag.

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Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support the same Fast Pair features as Google Pixel Buds

Google has offered up its Fast Pair standard for headphones on Android for a while now, but few companies have actually adopted it. Now, a few weeks after their launch, we’re reminded that Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support Fast Pair on Android, just like Google’s Pixel Buds.


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