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The Easy Smartphone Spring Clean – Very Effective and Highly Recommended

The Easy Smartphone Spring Clean – Very Effective and Highly Recommended

Smartphone Spring clean may seem quite obvious to many people but there are ways to get the job done the lazy way as well as the hard way and the easy way. The lazy way is probably the most convenient for the majority of smartphone owners but this technique translates into being a bug carrier – not ideal! Here are a few tips and pointers to suit everyone.

The Lazy Way

By necessity – this paragraph is super short. To clean your smartphone – wipe it down with your shirt. Yes – it gets ride of a few smears smudges and leftover bits of dinner and makeup but it is far from idea. The screen may seem clearer but it is still covered in bugs from your hands, which you just keep sharing around with others – generous soul that you are!

Of course, a plastic screen protector is very convenient. Purchase a few of these and wipe down with a lightly dampened cloth and replace regularly.

Friendly Reminder: Your smartphone is a highly sophisticated piece of technical equipment and does not take kindly to ill treatment. In other words, it is not fond of the usual household disinfectant cleaning solutions or loads of warm soapy water. Treat your smartphone with the respect it deserves and it will likely give you long-term good service in return.

The Real Way to Clean And Sanitize Your Smartphone

Ok. These methods are not really difficult but do take a little more time and effort than simply wiping smears off your smartphone screen with your shirt or a piece of tissue paper, which may scratch your ‘phone screen. What we mean by the ‘hard’ way is that a few simple cleaning tools are needed to get rid of smudges and smears and bacteria. Read on for more.

Purchase a microfiber cloth, some cotton buds, silica gel or have some dry rice handy, distilled water, a spray bottle of vinegar and distilled water mix at 50% each. Rubbing alcohol can be used in place of vinegar if you prefer. A few toothpicks can also come in handy to get into those hard to reach places but use these with caution so you don’t damage your ‘phone unintentionally. Compressed air is another useful tool to have in your cleaning kit, which can be sourced online or from your local electronic outlet.

Switch your ‘phone off and remove the battery before starting your spring clean process. Wipe your ‘phone down using the microfiber cloth as this won’t scratch the screen. If you have a protective screen cover you can use the same method to wipe this down. If the microfiber cloth doesn’t do the trick then you need to spray a minute amount of the distilled water and vinegar solution ONTO THE MICROFIBER CLOTH and not directly onto your smartphone. Squeeze out the microfiber cloth to make sure there is not too much liquid that can seep into your smartphone before wiping it off gently.

The compressed air spray can be used to blow out bits of dust and grime in the inlets and around the battery area once the cover has been removed. The compressed air is also a good way to dry your ‘phone off quickly. Dry rice or silica gel is handy if you have overdone the cleaning with the liquid and convenient to have on hand if you do drop your smartphone in water by mistake. Please don’t ever use your hairdryer to dry out your smartphone because then you can rather just throw it in the bin now as this will likely melt some critical components and render it useless.

The Easy Smartphone Spring Clean – Very Effective and Highly Recommended

This is my favorite smartphone cleaning technique. Invest in a handy UV sanitizer, which uses UV light to kill off any nasty bacteria lurking in the cracks and seams of your smartphone. This is a super easy way for the busy person to get rid of those germs quickly and safely.

The downside, unfortunately there is one, is that you will still need to use those cotton buds (Q tips) and toothpicks to run through the seams on your smartphone to remove impacted dirt.

The benefit of the UV sanitizer, though, is that you will get the job done more quickly and get to keep your smartphone cleaner than just about everyone else around you.

Spring cleaning your smartphone is really a smart move if you want to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria for yourself and those around you. Human hands tend to pick up harmful bacteria from just about every surface around so it just makes good sense to practice safe hygiene by following the suggestions above. Stay clean and stay safe with the minimum of effort.