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Top 10 Free Movie Apps That Are Legal

Top 10 Free Movie Apps That Are Legal

Free Movie Apps, for you! One day, you come home from work, you have your dinner, you watch the news maybe, and grab yourself a cup or two of your favorite drink, and you’ve settled in for the evening. But then the question pops up: what is there to watch? You’ve probably scoured every channel that you’re interested in on Youtube for content, all of which you’ve probably watched, so you’re up to date. Maybe you want to play games? Sure, that’s an option, but you’re mostly interested in only a set of games, and don’t feel like playing tonight. But what about movies? That’d mean you’d have to go to the cinema, pay absurd ticket prices, even more so for the snacks… It’d also need you to stand up and leave the house, and you’re probably not going to do that. What about free movies from home? That’d require breaking the law, and you’re a law abiding citizen…

Free Movie Apps

Here’s the good news: you can find some stuff to watch for free. Youtube is already a great source of some content, but there are some less-known channels, some of which do make feature length movies, and others some shorts. You can even find shows by themselves. This tends to vary, but the action side of the Youtube movie die is actually not only somewhat crowded, but it’s brimming with content made by talented creators, some of which have either done, or been a large part of, actual feature-length films. Although the plots can be a little quirky, the action is sometimes way better than even films in the cinemas.

However, if you want big budget movies, Google Play is probably your best choice. A movie is almost certainly cheaper than a cinema ticket, and they do offer free rentals on some movies rather regularly, so even if you’re not willing to pay, you might find a great plethora of movies just from these free rentals. And maybe you like it enough to buy it, who knows? It also means you can keep it offline and stream it exactly whenever you want to, even if your internet is dead or you’re out in the middle of nowhere with only your phone and a headset.

There are certainly a plethora of other services, but I’m not going to go into many details. Wouldn’t be interesting to read a full book for this, would it? Well, here are some anyway.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Time may have left a sour taste on some tongues when malware bearing its exact name was fielded, even going so far as disguising as Popcorn Time itself in its distribution. However, this malware isn’t representative of the app; the app itself is built on a peer-to-peer distribution of movies with the torrent protocol, which of course opens it up for illegal streaming, but there are a massive plethora of free movies that are distributed via torrents. But aren’t torrents illegal, period? No, they aren’t; lots of Linux distributions actually use torrents to distribute their images, because instead of taxing their own network with a regular download, it’s fetching from everyone else that already has a copy, essentially, from other peers. This is also what helps Popcorn Time be as fast as it is, bar any throttles from your ISP.

And for VOD services, there are a whole plethora; Tubi, Viewster, Bigstar Movies, TeaTV,  Popcornflix, Snagfilms, Showbox, Freeflix, JioCinema, Terrarium, Playbox, Videomix, Newest Movies on Hotstar, to name a few. And those services are only a shaving of the iceberg’s tip; there are tons more. What most of these do is simple; they host movies/shows, you find those movies and shows, and you play them. Functionally, very similar to Youtube. The biggest difference between the services? Mostly just what they run on and what they offer.

The biggest downside to the size of the market? Its competition, to which Wynk seems to have fallen victim only recently. So, keep your eyes peeled if new ones pop up, and if old ones go down, and perhaps have a few go-tos.

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Wynk by Airtel on Google Play Store:

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