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Top 10 Hidden Gem Apps for Android Phones

Top 10 Hidden Gem Apps for Android Phones

Owning a smartphone is just something that we love as a whole generation. They’ve become our little pals that connect us to others, and make our lives much easier and more enjoyable.

Since everyone is passing around these days with a device in their hands, developers have been exerting rigorous efforts to offer the market what it needs. And what does the market usually need? More apps!

Apps are part and parcel of every smartphone out there. You won’t be able to do much with your device if you don’t have the apps for it. But it’s always so confusing to get the right choices. Millions and millions of apps are being pushed into Google Play Store every year. And it doesn’t have to be a bad thing… as you get even more awesome choices!

But for the time-being, lets give you this list of the top 10 hidden gems we’ve found if you’re looking for good Android apps:

Hidden Gem Apps #10 MightyText

Hidden Gem Apps

It’s one of those apps that’ll make you thank yourself for buying an Android. MightyText is a texting app, but with a very helpful twist. This amazing little thing allows you to send text messages through any device with a Chrome browser. Once you’ve installed it on your Android phone, you may then pair it with your laptop and the sky’s your limit!

If you’re the type of user who sends a lot of text messages, or just hate to type a lot on your smartphone’s keypad, this is definitely the app for your needs.

Hidden Gem Apps#9 Just A Line

Hidden Gem Apps

This nifty little thing will get your creativity going in no time and effort. Just-A-Line is an app that offers you the chance to draw on things you see around you through your phone! It uses augmented reality to capture what’s around you. Then, you can draw whatever you want and record a short video that is definitely awesome to share with friends and loved ones.

It’s light, artistic and pretty fun! You should definitely give it a try.

Download Just A Line from Google Play Store here:

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