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Top 6 Must Have Apps on Your Phone

Top 6 Must Have Apps on Your Phone

One major advantage that Android has over its rival iOS is how it’s highly customizable and gives you an opportunity to try out the best must have apps. For tech enthusiasts, power and performance users or casual users, Android is the one-stop OS for all of their needs. If there’s something that you don’t like about your Android’s UI, chances are you can easily change it, or get rid of it so that it no longer bugs you.

Customizing your Android device can be accomplished by all manners of apps or tools and we are going to give you a brief overview of the best apps out right now. Here are the 6 best Android apps you should try out for the month of August 2019. These apps are based on their usage, functionality, how unique they are, and most importantly because they are recently launched.

App#6 Would You Rather?

This is a fun game app that provides you with bizarre questions. It comprises of two questions which you have to choose one that you would rather do. There are several categories such as love, crazy, weird, and other interesting stuff to choose from.

Would You Rather has a lot of different groups and several cocky questions that would be a great way to pass some time hanging out with your friend(s).

App#5 Firefox Preview

If you’re looking for a simple and light-based browser, checkout Firefox Preview by Mozilla. It’s got all the basic browser settings, block tracking scripts by default, and is twice as fast as the original Firefox browser on the Play Store. It comes with an improved interface and workflow stand to increase productivity further.

One of the most noticeable interface change is where the address bar was before. You can find it at the bottom of the page rather than the usual spot at the top. The browser also adds a tab called “Collections”, which lets one save and share groups of sites, or call upon have them set up like shortcuts.

App#4 Shade Launcher

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Android launchers affect everything you hear and see from the widgets and icons, to the menus, and even the screen transitions. Some launchers render the OS unrecognizable and completely alter with the way you interact with your phone. One new launcher that has joined the game is “Shade Launcher”.

It’s by the same developer who created the rootless launcher, and even though it resembles a Google Pixel launcher feel, it comes with a few unique features and a few unique options for customization that other launcher competitors don’t have.

For instance, in the app drawer, the top section doesn’t have the most used or recently used apps. Instead, it includes categories so that you can quickly find a particular type of apps.

Another unique feature of the search widget is that it’s not limited to Google Search. If you prefer, you can change it to search via Google Chrome, the Kiwi browser, Yelp, or any other search widget from a third-party app.

One of the coolest features of the Shade Launcher is that it includes plugins that you can manually install from the Internet, and it is said in the future, other developers can create their own plugins to work with this launcher since it will be an open-sourced plugin system. Shade Launcher is one of the best must have apps.

App#3 Anyride

Must-Have Apps

If you’re a person who uses Uber or Lyft to get around, then Anyride is one of the must have apps to compare their prices for any future trips and save money. You can choose your destination and see the exact fare options from both Uber and Lyft. From there, you can request a ride within the app and you don’t have to own Lyft or Uber to see what’s going on.

Fares are pulled directly from Lyft and Uber’s servers and depict an all-inclusive array of services offered by the two companies, including shared and private rides.

App#2 SpotyTube

Must-Have Apps

For those who listen to music and want to discover the latest hits, check out the new music app, SpotyTube. Music is all over and right now every music platform such as Spotify, Billboard, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more, have their own charts presented based on their own users’ data.

SpotyTube combines all these music charts to create the ultimate music chart so that you can honestly know what the most popular songs to date are. You can also see the top charts of each country by the year, and the top songs of each artist. It lets you play any song since it searches for it on YouTube, and imports every Spotify playlist which you can find in the genre section or on the main page.

In accordance with YouTube’s privacy policy, you still can’t play music while running the app in the background, or when you switch your device’s screen off. However, SpotyTube packs great features on an easy-to-use, attractive interface, with the best feature being how you can easily import all your Spotify playlists. If you’re looking to discover new music for free, SpotyTube is one of the must have apps.

App#1 Deepstash

Must-Have Apps

If a little bit of motivation is what you need to get your productivity on fire, then this is one of the must have apps, Deepstash, will change your life. Essentially what this app does is provide you with byte-sized articles of several different self-help workbooks and novels that lets you be more productive and get on with your day.

There are several ideas such as minimalizing your life, quotes from Socrates, other Greek philosophers, and basically anything that will help you get on with your daily life. If you’re someone who is starting a start-up or believe in the idea of self-help, this app will be great for you.