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Top Google I/O 2019 Announcements You Need To Know

Top Google I/O 2019 Announcements You Need To Know

Google made many intriguing announcements at Google I/O 2019 that will have fans of Google and Android products excited. From improvements in smart technology to increases in accessibility. Here are some of the biggest and our favorite highlights from Google I/O 2019.  

  1. Google Lens Enhancements

Google I/O 2019

Google Lens will have an improved camera mode that allows it to read and translate text out loud. The app is integrated into Google Search. This enhancement will allow you to have text translated and read to you in 14 different languages. This is great if you plan to travel to a foreign country soon or if you do business internationally. This development has the potential to affect millions of Google and Android users and will be available on high-priced devices, as well as many lower priced devices. Check out the next slide for 7 more awesome Google I/O revelations.

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