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Top Strategy Games for Android

Top Strategy Games for Android

If you’d like to put on your thinking hat when playing games, then you’d want to be play one of these strategy games on your Android device. They will require more than your puzzle skills – you will need to incorporate careful planning and thought well beforehand. These are the games that have high replay value since it is not always that the same strategy will work more than once.

Clash Royale

This is another production from the makers of Clash of Titans. You use frantic battles that are card based on battling human enemies with the aim of taking your opponent’s Crown Towers while ensuring that yours is well protected. To make it in the Clash Royal, you will need to internalize the strengths and weaknesses of the various cards and leverage that to your advantage during battle.
You will be unlocking more cards with an increased number of trophies you collect and the period of gameplay. Bear in mind that a wrong move at the wrong time could mean game over for you. This was one of the best games in 2016, and the good thing is that you get can get it on a free download.

Mushroom Wars 2

This award-winning strategy game has you controlling armies of mushroom soldiers in real-time battles both online and offline. You will not only enjoy the deep thinking required to be successful but also great graphics. The goal here is to move your army through the map taking over territories while defending yourself from enemies.
You will have four Mushroom tribes from which you will choose one. The action is experienced with the online multiplayer. That is where you need your wits right to balance the troop levels, build morale and apply special skills to overthrow your opponents.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Many people are more conversant with the board version of this game. The mobile version is also as enjoyable with the goal to cure four contagious diseases and preventing its spread in the world. You begin with selecting your characters who perform specific roles in contributing in the eradicating the disease. For this reason, each character will have an important part to play.
Since it is a pass-and-play kind of game, you can play it with friends. Working together with your teams to would lead to success while having fun at the same time. You can improve the replayability of the game with an in-app purchase.

Plague Inc.

This strategy game is all about virus simulation where players develop a simple disease into a complex one with new symptoms and modes of transmission. Plague Inc. allows players to unlock another virus over time with pop-ups that necessitate the changing of the evolution path you use. Since it is a free download, you can remover the ads with an in-app purchase and also get shortcuts and fast forwarding.


This complete package game of the MOBA genre allows you to form your crew that will take on all opponents, or has a random selection of players to play with online. Besides, you could be offline sharpening your skills and practicing your strategies. You will aim at unlocking the 25 unique heroes who will then upgrade to be ready for battle. The smooth controls make the gameplay easy and quick when in war. You will get a tutorial to improve your understanding of the game if the MOBA is a new thing to you.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

With the Plants Vs. Zombies, the point is always to protect your lawn from the zombies using sunflower and pea shooters. You will need a proper strategy and tactical thinking to make it. in the Plants Vs. Zombies 2, your controls are better but so are the undead in their way of challenging your expected actions. The good thing is that you have many plants to use and the food plants to charge the others. This is an enjoyable game that requires strategic planning.


Hearthstone is played with a familiar strategy where the player has to unlock heroes in different cards to have them on the battlefield. Each of the heroes has unique powers and skills to use in battle. You can opt for casual online games, weekly Tavern Brawls, ranked matches and Arena games depending on the amount of commitment you want to put into the game. It is no doubt one of the best card games you can get on Android.
Star command
If you are a sci-fi fan and the Star Trek kind of stuff, then Star Command is your game. Players have the role in commanding a spaceship by recruiting a crew and upgrading facilities. Then an adventure into the intergalactic leads to many firefights with – you guessed right – aliens. The idea is to maintain your ship when encountered by war and ensuring that your crew members are safe. Their skills become better over time making them more efficient in their undertakings.

The Battle of Polytopia

This is an awesome pass-and-play Android game that deals with controlling tribes and ensuring their progress. You get turns at collecting stars depending on the size of the city under your control. With these starts, you can decide to either upgrade your tribe’s tech tree, collect resources or build your troops. That makes it important that you know how to use your resources and position troops strategically.
You get various play modes with The Battle of Polytopia. You could customize your solo play or choose the multiplayer option. Also, you can save the game to play later. Upon the free download on the game, you are given four tribes, but you could get six more with the in-app purchase.


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