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Top Ten Smartphone Web Browsers You Haven’t Tried Yet

Top Ten Smartphone Web Browsers You Haven’t Tried Yet

Each of us prefers one smartphone web browsers to the other. We get used to how they look, how we interact with them, and how functional they can be. There’s a really small list of widely known browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. However, the market is always developing and new contenders come and go.

Some new browsers offer incredible features that your regular browser doesn’t. Some are paid and some are completely free to use. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten Android browsers that you should definitely try out. Without further ado, let’s review these amazing alternatives:

[10] Lightning Browser

To get the ball rolling, we need to talk about Lightning browser. It’s considered one of the best smartphone browsers out there. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight to ensure a smooth online experience. When it comes to the design, it’s really simple and easy to work with.

Lightning Browser also comes with extra features, like theming and adblock, to allow more options to its users. The great thing about this browser is that it uses Orbot as its Tor proxy. This boasts the overall compatibility and increases security. Honestly, it’s a pretty good browser. The support center is not that great, but they do respond. The free version of Lightning browser is quite decent and can be enough for the regular user. However, if you’d like to unlock unlimited tabs and other features, you’d have to pay for the premium.

Download Lightning Browser From Google Store here:

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