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Trump Says NO to Smartphone Security Measures!

Trump Says NO to Smartphone Security Measures!

If you’re an important man, it’s common sense to fear for your smartphone security and personal information. But if you’re President Donald Trump, you don’t need to worry! It’s reported that Trump himself views the security plans in regards to his smartphone as “inconvenient,” and just disregards all advice.

The security on both Donald Trump’s smartphones lack high-end security and advanced protection. Trump prefers to use two iPhones: one for phone calls and another for apps like Twitter (Trump is a big fan!) and others. The White House Communications Agency urged the president to increase the security on his phones, but he disregarded all their advice.

They suggested that the president needs to swap out the phone he uses for Twitter on a monthly basis. Cyber-terrorism has proven to truly terrorize important men in the past. President of the United States is reluctant to pay attention to this matter.

Although, to be fair, Russia tried to breach the security of some agencies in the U.S through Kaspersky software a while back. Maybe Trump is using his phone properly for a specific task in a routine-like manner thinking he can save himself from hacking? We can never tell.

Does he Need Smartphone Security?

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It’s common sense that the president’s phones are at risk. A hacker through multiple attacks could infiltrate his device and record through the camera and microphone. However, after the news came out, an official word followed from a senior of the White House. The phone Trump uses for his Twitter activities needed no further security development. Both phones were being regularly swapped out and checked real-time.

No one knows in reality whether Trump did in fact accept the smartphone security measures or refused as reported. According to a security expert named Bruce Schneier, even if Trump followed all protocols in regards to security, there could still be a major risk in his security measures. He also stated, no one knew if President Donald Trump’s phones have already been hacked and compromised or not.

Some of the common ways for the president to secure his phone is to turn off the internet. Then, he may disable the camera and microphone not to be recorded. GPS is also important to be set off.

Cyber-terrorism has frightened the West with multiple attacks that cost millions and millions of dollars over the past two years. It would be a catastrophe for the President of a strong nation such as the U.S to get his phone hacked and his privacy breached.


What do you think the president should do to increase the security of his devices? Do you have any personal suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!