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How To Stop Your Phone & Apps From Tracking Your Every Move

It may not come as a surprise that Google keeps track of everywhere we go using the apps on our smartphones. This information is used by Google to give its users a more personalized experience depending on how one uses their smartphones to navigate life. This could be based on the places you visit, real-time traffic updates about your commute, among other factors.

How else do you explain the ads you see on Facebook and Google after visiting certain locations? That location data is priceless for internet marketers in today’s digital economy. As a matter of fact, targeted advertising is one of the biggest enterprises on the internet. Companies are yearning to serve their [...]

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The Secret Reason Why Waze Is So Much Better than Google Maps

Google has it all! Not only do they own Google Maps – which was developed in-house – but they also own Waze, which Google acquired for $1 billion back in 2013. The two are the most popularly used mapping and navigation apps out there, with Waze being the most preferred of the two.

Many divers are hooked to Waze due to its brilliant crowd-sourced incident reporting features. Google has also been trying to offer the same features in Google Maps, but it hasn’t gotten there quite yet. Maybe the company should use more of its search engine power and generate more income in the field. But as of now, Waze takes it home.

Google is starting to look a lot more [...]

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Will You Give Up Your Phone For A Week For $1,000?

Frontier Bundles, a Utah-based internet service provider, is in search of a brave smartphone fiend to willingly give up their smartphone for a full seven days (168 hours) in place of a flip phone. This smartphone detox comes just in time of commemorating 30 years of the first folding phone.

Flip phones are nearly obsolete, except for a few companies such as LG, Samsung and Kyocera that are still manufacturing them. The arrival of smartphones almost ensured flip phones and other feature phones became totally outdated.

Smartphones brought several apps and features that always keep us occupied as part of our daily lives. However, Frontier Bundles is overseeing a social [...]

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5 New Android Features You Can Get On Your Old Phone

Surprisingly, old Android phones can be found everywhere in use up to today. Despite the constant market badgering forcing people to always upgrade their phones after a new flagship has been released, mobile devices can remain perfectly capable of performing long after their launch dates. The only downfall is that sometimes the devices get slow due to constant software upgrades.

However, all hope is not lost if you’re an old user. Thanks to Android’s versatility, it can never leave you empty-handed. With millions of apps and Android developers worldwide, one can use Android Pie features on their phone without difficulty. With the right set of apps, your old phone [...]

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