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Unlock An Additional 20% Off Using Mobile Camera For Amazon Prime Day

Unlock An Additional 20% Off Using Mobile Camera For Amazon Prime Day

It’s finally here! The day we have all been waiting for is just hours away. It’s now less than four days before Amazon Prime Day 2019 is officially launched. Even though it’s not yet D-day, Amazon has already set the mood right by offering some really great limited time deals that we should all look into. Thanks to a new promotion, you will be able to save even more on these preview deals.

This offer is exclusive to Amazon customers with an active Prime membership. They can score a special 20% off coupon to redeem on selected products. All you have to do is put one of the new camera features to use before July 15.

It’s absolutely easy to use the camera feature, and all you’re required to do is follow the prompts that appear after accessing the feature. On the bright side, this offer just got rolled out recently, and it will be available for everyone, even those who have already used the Camera features on the Amazon App before.

Some of the selected items on which you can use the 20% coupon on include:

  1. ASUS Vivo Book F510UA – which drops from $359.99 from the initial selling price of $500.
  2. Polk Audio RC6s In-Ceiling Stereo Speaker – which falls to $80 from $100.
  3. TP-Link’s AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router – which falls to $35.99 from $50.

Additional 20% Off Using Mobile Camera

Mobile Camera

If you’re not sure of what to get, you can always return to the Amazon app and use the camera app feature once more and get another 20% coupon from this link.

Also, if you’re not happy with the exclusive deals of the day, you can come back the next day and activate the coupon when you find the product you prefer to purchase.

First and foremost, visit Scanit on your mobile phone or tablet where you can download the Amazon app to your Android or iOS device. Once it is already installed, you can open the app and tap the camera icon located at the end of the search bar. Once you do this, you’ll be prompted to allow Amazon to access your phone’s camera.

Now through July 14, Amazon Prime customers will be allowed to get an additional 20% off the exclusively selected deals above. The mobile phone app features include:

Product Search

  1. When you tap the Camera icon, “Product Search” is usually the default setting. If not, you switch to “Product Search” by swiping your finger along the bottom of the screen until you reach the “Product Search” screen.
  2. Once you’re in Product Search mode, using you’re phone’s camera, point at the item you would like to search on Amazon
  3. Blue dots will appear on and around the item as the software scans it for identification. If the item is identifiable, it will pop up the search results and enable you to view the product’s information and other similar ones for purchasing if you wish.
  4. Then, almost immediately, a pop-up window will appear stating “You’ve unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!” Click it and tap “Redeem” on the following page to obtain the promo credit.
  5. The item scanned must be among Amazon’s inventory for you to complete the offer.

Barcode Scanner

  1. To find the “Barcode Scanner” screen, tap the Camera icon then slide your finger across the bottom of the screen until you reach “Barcode Scanner”.
  2. Using the Barcode of your item, place it in front of the device’s camera.
  3. If Amazon can find the item, it will pop up the item’s page along with a banner that says “You’ve unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!” which you should click to get your promo credit. All the items should always be sold by Amazon in order to complete the offer.

View In Your Room Mode

  1. Just like the previous settings, drag your finger across the bottom of the screen after hitting the Camera icon. You will get to the “View In Your Room” screen but, unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with this mode, therefore, it might just be available for a little while.
  2. On this mode, you will be able to see how the product would look like in the real setting of your home. It’s much like AR technology, and all you have to do is select the item you’re interested in from the bottom window and then go to the location in your home where you might place the item and envision how it looks like for yourself.
  3. The app will ask were you plan on placing the item. Whether on the ground, on the table, or on a wall.
  4. The item will then appear before you as if it was actually there in real life. You can drag it around, make it bigger, or adjust it using your fingers. This will allow you to view the item from different angles.
  5. Automatically, you will see a pop-up window stating “You’ve unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!” Click it and redeem your promo credit.

It is also important to note

  • The offer begins at 6:00 a.m. (PT) to 11:59 am (PT), every day between July 08 and July 14, 2019.
  • Eligible Prime members will receive a coupon for an additional 20% off select Prime exclusive deals. If, in the offer period, they install the Amazon mobile shopping app, enable camera permissions. And use one of the following Amazon mobile shopping app camera features: AR (augmented reality) View, barcode scanner, or camera product search.
  • Coupons expire at 11:59 pm (PT) on the day received.
  • US customers only! Only one coupon per customer per account per day.
  • The offer will be available while stocks last.
  • Coupons are non-transferable and will not be resold.
  • Shipping charges and taxes will be incurred to discounted and free promotional items.
  • In case of any returns related to this offer, refunds will equal the amount paid for the product or content. Subject to applicable refund policies.
  • Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. If any of these terms are violated, the offer will be invalid.


Even though the coupon’s terms dictate that it can’t be combined with other offers, there are other promotions worth to look at. For example, you could:

  • Win a free Amazon credit when signing in to the Amazon app,
  • For reloading your Amazon gift card balance, or
  • Spending $50 at an Amazon physical store between now and July 16th.

Moreover, specific American Express card holders can get 20% off at Amazon by applying for one Amex Membership Reward point towards their order.