If you’d like to unsubscribe from our Site’s notifications on your computer

1. Search for the bell
Open browser on your laptop and search for the bell on the top navigation bar. Bell is where all your notifications are displayed.

1. On Windows the bell appears at the bottom navigation bar.
The bell appears only when you receive some notification. It could be some notification by any of your Google Apps. If you have read all the notifications, the bell will not be displayed.

2. Click on notifications
Click on “notifications” from the dropdown that appears when you click on the bell.

3. Go to settings
Click on the gear icon to go to settings. Here, you will see the list of websites whom you granted permission to send you notifications.

4. Unselect Androidlane
Simply uncheck the box in front of Androidlane to revoke your permission.

5. Done!
You will no longer receive notifications from Androidlane.

To unsubscribe from notifications on Android

1. Open browser menu and click on settings
Open browser on your android device and go to menu by clicking on menu icon from top right. Now go to settings page by clicking on “Settings” from the menu.

2. Go to Site Settings by clicking on “site settings” on the Settings page

3. Go to notifications and select Androidlane

On the Notifications tab, you will see all the websites whom you have permitted to send you notifications.

4. Click on clear and reset

5. Confirm and done!
When you click on “clear and reset”, a pop up confirms if you want to reset the permissions. Click on “clear and reset” in this pop up and you will no longer receive notifications from Androidlane.