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Ways to Transfer Photos from An Android Phone to PC

Ways to Transfer Photos from An Android Phone to PC

Most of the photos taken nowadays are on smartphones. It’s a bit disappointing these photos take a lot of space in the storage with videos, snaps, burst shots and uncompressed RAW files. This easily will fill up the 16GB storage allotted on the phone. We usually turn our phones into digital graveyards by not taking back up, or editing or even not deleting photos. The best way to archive your photos for later usage is to transfer them to your PC. This will help to save a lot of space on your phone, which will increase its performance and also will remain safe on your PC.  Transferring photos from an android phone to PC is a simple task and there are several ways to perform them. Here are few ways to help you on it.

Ways to Transfer Photos from Android Phone to PC


This is the easiest method to transfer photos or files from your Android phone to PC. Plug you phone to your PC using USB cable. This method will help you to easily transfer or drag all the images or files you need transferred to the PC in no time. The only disadvantage of this process of transferring file is that you will need your computer or laptop handy.

If your PC has Windows, then you will get a prompt giving you multiple options to manage the phone connected to the PC. However, Mac gives very few options mainly the Android File Transfer Program.

Google Drive

By far the easiest method to take back up of files is using the Google Drive. This method can be used easily to upload all your photos or files to your Drive from your Android phone. The feature is available by default in all Android phones, which will automatically transfer files and photos to the Drive in the background. Well, one worry that occurs in most minds is the privacy. You wouldn’t want your private photos to be a platform where others can view. Well, all the synced photos are stored privately on the Drive.

The best way to enable this feature is, menu buttonàsettings menuàauto backup (on or off) [change the setting that you see].  You can open Google Drive to download or access your synced photos. All the photos will be stored in “Google Photos”, a private folder. Open the folder to download to your PC or browse to view them.

Another option to add photos from Android phone to PC is by uploading them individually. In your phone, open Gallery select a picture Share Google Drive icon (select) and the particular photo or file will be transferred to the Drive. Now your picture is in your Drive. All these will consume your allotted storage space on Google so you might want to clean them once in a while on your Drive.

Earlier this year, Google announced its changing from Google Drive, Sync and Google Photos to Backup. This really sounds confusing! The company will discontinue the Drive on December 11, and therefore, you will need to download or backup all your files and photos from your Google Drive app on your Windows or Mac PC. You don’t have to worry about this if you are accessing Drive through your web browser on your PC.

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